What If… It’s True?


What if… it is true that your body and mind is naturally transmuting… that your biology, hereditary and your dense carbon based body/mind is being replaced with a crystalline structure of pure vibrant love and light… that allows the DivineHuman, the Master and Creator experience a new adventure of harmony on the Earth plane?


Through the ages we have seen how Human Revolution and Evolution has changed Humankind… physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We have indeed become smarter, kinder and more generous… we have advanced our technology, our living standards and live longer… but we still continue to live in conflict and fear and our world finds itself in extreme polarisation and on the cutting edge of annihilation.


As a society we still sense the need to survive, to work hard and be the best to ensure we get ahead and have our share of limited wealth. We allow our leaders to steal from us and kill us one way or another, keeping us in limited and absurd circumstances.


AND, so many of us still believe we can fix and change our life for the better? Even when it is so evident to how we are destroying ourselves…


  • Big and powerful food companies supply us with cheap and nasty food… that is killing us with the amount of sugar and salt, unbalancing our body/mind AND they get away without paying there contribution of tax.
  • The medical and pharmaceutical companies still treat us as if we are mechanical bodies/minds that need to be fixed with chemicals.
  • We spray our agricultural fields with harmful chemicals.
  • We pay our sports and actor celebrities a lot of money, who mostly spend it unwisely and are a nuisance and bad influence.
  • Our tax money mostly funds beurocratic systems, greedy lifestyles of powerful politicians and criminals, and defence.
  • We build more and more concrete buildings on our green areas, kill our natural wildlife and poison our Environment with chemicals.
  • More and more rules and regulations are made, in the guise to be safe and protect us, which puts everyone under pressure and squeezes our freedom.
  • We teach our children to be competitive and ruthless and wonder why they become physically and mentally ill at a young age.


Only when each person senses and realises for themself that where there is separation in life, there will always be conflict. Yes, we can all experience glimpses of pleasure and success, but someone will always find a way to put a stop to it or another will be suffering because of it.


One has then to wonder what we have all created together and what the answer might be.


Pointing the finger isn’t going to help as we have all allowed this to happen. We’ve all taken advantage of others and allowed others to take advantage of us. We’ve all used each other for our own needs, making others powerless, miserable, ill and lazy.


Taking responsibility for our part in this whole mess and chaos that surrounds us and a willingness to discover what we each have to do is a great starting point.


We can choose to be one of many who continue to wallow in or turn a blind eye to the world’s misery… but we can also choose to be one of many hearts who are waking up to realise the state of affairs of our dual world or physical reality. Allow our awareness, our consciousness to expand and trust the love we each truly are in our core to attract in new energy to serve the Evolution of Humanity.


Maybe Evolution isn’t the correct word to describe what is naturally happening on Earth and within all living creatures and nature… as our dense energies of survival, fear and lack are energetically and physically transmuting to a high energy of love, abundance and freedom… in preparation for the birth of a new DivineHuman species.


It is the light of our solar, galactic and grand suns that are naturally changing our carbon based body/mind into one of crystalline based that allows each light body to expand within, settle deeper into the physical body and re-write our biology, hereditary and the old workings of the Human Body/Mind.


The more we allow the new energies in, we undergo, quite literally a big clean up of our Human density and untruths of fear and old programmes and beliefs in lack and unworthiness… that makes space for our light, for our original blueprint that includes our 12 dna strands (that the science community labelled junk) to come back online and replace the physical 2 dna strands that kept Humanity in the dark for so long.


There is nothing we can do but allow what is naturally happening. Stay alert and aware of everything that plays out in life, with no judgement or doubt, only acknowledge and embrace our fears of the past that project into the future that are coming up now for release, and focus on the love and joyful beings of light we have always been and who now have an opportunity to be the experience of harmony on Earth in a most natural, sovereign and rejuvenating way.


We might feel alone as our life changes; as old relationships, home, friends, jobs break down… but we can best remember we have never been alone… we are never alone as our own divinity, source of all is lovingly anchored within us and will guide us, if the Human lets go and trusts themself to be part of a new and wonderful adventure… beyond anything known.

Our spiritual family, angels, elementals, guides, ascended masters have all lovingly remained close to us, communicating with us from the unseen world, but as we remember our own powerful and magnificent selves and move into this new space, this new adventure of Embodied Enlightenment that has never been experienced before on Earth, we have to realise they can only embrace and observe us, otherwise they disempower us and hold us back from this new experience.

It is up to us to march beyond and be the new standard, for others to eagerly follow.


In fact many of our spiritual family are choosing to embody the physical themselves… so don’t be surprised if you feel close to more and more Divine brothers and sisters who come across your path.


It is time for a new multidimensional adventure! It is time to empower and honour ourselves and one another! Are you choosing to join me and celebrate this great happening?


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & MultiDimensional Living

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