What is the 5 x 50 Challenge and how can you get involved?

What is the 5×50 challenge?


Meet Françoise Sandrine Rajewski who talks to Fiona about 5×50 and living in Spain – watch here


If your internet speed is slow, have a read of some of Frans story too here


What is the 5×50 challenge?

Meet Fran who talks to Fiona about 5×50 and living in Spain – watch herewww.youtube.com/embed/A_Mp0EYNkrE

If your internet speed is slow, have a read of some of Frans story too here

1. Where are you from Fran and how did you choose where you now live in Spain? 

Hi everyone, I am Fran, French native and married to a Belgian. I have lived in 5 countries (France, Poland, England, Ireland and Belgium) before decided with my better half that life could be better where the sun shines more than 30 days a year…and that’s why we made the move to Spain in June 2007.

Being both Spanish-English-French speakers did influence our choice of country; not too far from family, affordable as first property buyers and definitively in the heart of nature. We had first decided to buy a property to reform and operate as a rural gastro B&B but soon changed our minds. In order to raise the funds we needed for this huge project, we started our translator careers and have never looked back since. Our home has become the summer property of family and friends. 

Jaén is the province, surrounded by olive trees and within 10 kms of a lake, we have settled on top of a mountain, enjoying what nature has best to offer. 

2. 50 x 50 – tell us more about the project and why you decided to get involved? 

Having been overweight since age 6, my 20’s saw me partying a lot, dancing a lot and whilst “round”, I somewhat kept my weight in check. Then came my 30’s with a job more and more sedentary life, friends becoming more foodies and cheffies than party animals and my Frenchness took over when cheese was around. 

Two years ago came the critical point where enough was enough. So I thought I’d get back in touch Dr Ian Campbell (consultant on The Biggest Loser) for whom I had been an au-pair. He sent me to a website and word of mouth led me to discover this “Move to be healthier” challenge. 

More determined than ever, I joined the Nutracheck team who spotted my 5×50 core team as being in Spain. We got in touch and soon I was asked to become a 5er – motivator for 5×50 – for Andalusia. Being a translator and very much into charity work since my teens, I offered to seek out colleagues to help the challenge cross borders by being localized in different languages. 

We now have a virtual team spread over 3 continents with each member setting its own challenges. In a matter of years, I went from couch potato to determined to become fitter. What I am the most proud of is when I see one person deciding too to make that life change for themselves! What a reward! 

And as for the challenge, easy peasy. You commit to do every day for 50 days 5 kms, or 30 mins equivalent (swimming, jumping, horse riding, etc.). And don’t panic if you don’t, we know how life can come in the way of things. You can have a really good day and do 10 kms and have a bad day and do nothing. As long as you consider every day a new day and you do it for you! Do it at home, with friends, indoors, outdoors. 

Just sign up on www.5×50.org and register to the 2014 challenge. And if you think we are the coolest team to be part of we’d welcome you with open arms in ‘5×50 Andalusia and beyond’. Check out our team on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/5x50LasSalinasand come and join the fun. This year, we will post daily yoga poses, daily healthy recipes, daily motivational quotes, events and much more. 

Or follow us on @5x50Andalucia not to miss anything. 

3. Which charities are you supporting and why?

In 2014, we are more than happy to keep on fundraising for Cudeca (www.cudeca.org). But what is Cudeca all about? 

Cudeca’s purpose is “to change the process of dying to a process of living. Although we cannot add days to life, in Cudeca we try to add quality of life to days through our “special kind of caring””. Amongst their essential values, we can note 

“Excellency – taking special care of the patient who suffers from cancer or other advanced or terminal disease, and their family, always being faithful to the philosophy of palliative care. 

Solidarity – engagement with social needs in the framework of the charity mission. 

Respect and integrity in the relationship with people and institutions (patients, family, volunteers, suppliers, collaborators, donors, sponsors, public or private supporters, etc.)

We would also like to present a new team charity Acompalia. “Why support Acompalia?”

Whether expats or Spanish residents of Granada/Jaén, we’re all part of an ageing population. Over the next few years, palliative or hospice care – specialised care for terminally ill patients – is going to become an increasingly important issue for our loved ones, and eventually for many of us as well. 

Research shows that: 

1) Most people want the choice to die at home or in sympathetic surroundings, with their families at hand. 

2) They want effective pain relief and appropriate but non-intrusive medical care. 

3) Patients want their loved ones to feel supported – emotionally and practically – during and after the patient’s last days. 

One important service offered is the Acompalia Telephone Helpline. 

“When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer or another terminal illness, they and their family members can take comfort from talking to someone who really understands their situation. To address this need, we have now set up the Acompalia Telephone Helpline, staffed by trained and caring volunteers. Patients and families can talk through their feelings, and get the (non-medical) emotional and practical support they need at each stage. The Helpline is currently open from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, on 634 302 225”.

Why those two? 

Well Mum and Dad are 3 time cancer survivors but many have not had this luck. Being a translator, I dedicate some of my time to helping expats with their medical appointments as I feel it is hard enough to be unwell, one should not have the stress to have to worry about the language barrier or the quality of the care. 

By getting united with those two great charities, we just try and do our best to make a difference on the care front. But by joining 5×50 and our team, you are also more than welcome to fundraise for your own charity by having a page, co-organizing a sporting event, having a stall at a market, setting up a tombola, etc.

4. How can we find out more and get involved? 

So dust out those trainers, shame your friend into joining you but above all sign in onwww.5×50.org and register to the 2014 challenge. And if you think we are the coolest team to be part of, we’ll welcome you with open arms in 5×50 Andalusia and beyond. Check out our team on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/5x50LasSalinas and come and join the fun. 

This year, we will post daily yoga poses, daily healthy recipes, daily motivational quotes, events and much more. Or follow us on @5x50Andalucia not to miss anything.

Challenge starts on March 30th and runs till May 19th, so what are you waiting for?