You voted for…

This has been an ‘interesting’ year and we have seen many of you reach out and support friends, neighbours and strangers in 100s of ways.  Thank you to all of you for making a difference to the community. 

We asked you to nominate a member of Costa Women who you believe in 2020 has had a positive influence in the lives of others; big or small.  You responded and I am delighted to share the nominations.


We asked and you nominated!

The women you nominated had all decided not to be daunted by 2020 but instead reach out and make a difference to their community at large.
You nominated:-
  1. Deborah Frati
  2. Nadine Kazerounian
  3. Ashlyn Watts
  4. Lorraine Williamson
  5. Jo Bendle
  6. Selina Mackenzie
  7. Tricia Gabbitas
  8. Michelle Arbon Roberts
  9. Ivonne Cabrera
Because I know all of the nominees I asked an independent Judge to decide on the overall winner and we have not 1 but 2 winners.  These winners also received the most nominations from the community.
And the winners are…
Please join me in congratulating Selina Mackenzie and Lorraine Williamson for being the overall winners.
Of Selina, you said:-
“During the main lockdown, Selina and the other presenters on TRE provided a lifeline for those confined to their homes, especially those on their own, the elderly and infirm.
“Having that familiar voice to listen to on a daily basis must have been very reassuring.”
And of Lorraine, you said:-
“Lorraine seems to have her hand in so many things and she is always there to help and responds so quickly.”
“She always is friendly, driven and willing to help out. Thanks for all you do, Lorraine. You rock!”
However, each of the nominees deserve an award – you are all winners in our eyes with the selfless acts you have performed over the last few months so we are very grateful to you for being YOU!

Many thanks to all of you for being an inspiration to the community!