Glynis German Mallorca

Costa Women Meet Glynis German

From ska band singer to guiding people during their life changing moments meet Glynis German. Glynis now lives in Mallorca where she founded the Giving Life to Death Festival in 2020.  Read her story.

Maria Estela

Costa Women Meet … María Estela Fernandez de Córdova

“It’s never is too late to start again. Trust in yourself” is the mantra of our featured member, Estela. Maria Estela Fernandez de Cordova has found her heart on the Costa del Sol.  With a rich family heritage deeply rooted in Spain, Estela has forged an enduring bond with Marbella. Read her story.

Adriana Caliri

Costa Women Meet Adriana Caliri

We can hold onto a dream of a new life for a long time. Adriana has been carrying an image of her home in Spain with her for many years.  She recently found that home in Mijas.  Read her story.