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  • Hello, just received an email from Redlinecompany with some useful tips for your business which I thought were quite important to take into consideration. Look at this link
  • Mon at 6:20 PM
    Posted by Emmie Cross
    In my first post about chronic pain I explained the difference between chronic pain and acute pain and how pain functions in the body. In my second post I talked about central sensitization and how this complicates treatment for patients with chronic pain – making them, ...
  • Mon at 6:19 PM
    Posted by Emmie Cross
    In my first article about chronic pain I started to explain a little about why chronic pain is different and needs to be treated differently. I talked about the science behind it and how pain works. Now let’s start to put that into context of how chronic pain affects you and how i...
  • Mon at 6:17 PM
    Posted by Emmie Cross
    What is Chronic Pain? The dictionary definition of chronic pain is “any pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks.” For many of my patients, by the time they come to see me, they have seen numerous therapists, tried many medications and even had surgeries, all with varying degrees of succes...