2013 Read and Ebook Week March 3-9

Hi all

As part of the Read an Ebook Week I am offering my series ‘The Friendship Diaries’ FREE


Get yours now and tell YOUR friends please 🙂 XOXO

The stories are of four friends who meet at school and follows their lives and loves…

Genre Chick Lit/Romance.  I’ve had some great reviews…but need more please!

Some parts of the story are set in Andalusia, particularly the Marbella area.

Sample Reviews:

“Bevan Fischer is adept at creating an imaginary world that is both escapist for the reader, but also believable and engaging. This is a modern take on the ‘family saga’ genre and, although it would be a fantastic holiday read, it is more intelligently written than most ‘chick lit”.  Ms JD Amazon.com

“Friendship Diaries tells the story of four school friends as they grow up, get jobs and start families. The chapters are fast paced and focus on one character in one month of one year, starting in the early 1970s.The characters feel very personal- they could be describing YOU and YOUR friends. As a result there is something both gripping and terrifying about how life propels you along on a hidden path that seems inevitable in hindsight. But then everything gets turned upside down and you realise that chance can produce both happiness and tragedy.Great read, real page turner.”  Mr TF Amazon.co.uk

“Really enjoyed all of the books in the series so far. Great characters that you can believe in. Perfect for a book club.”

“I read all four books. What a great story. I would love to read more about these characters. A follow up on the children lives. I will definitely recommend these books to my friends”.  Ms JP  Smashwords.com