We Won – Telegraph Best of British – Social Clubs

You Voted and We Won!

Back in December I shared a competition Costa Women had entered into.  We were up against 40 international Social Clubs for expats.  This week I heard that Costa Women won!!


Thanks to you for voting and also the comments made.

More information here:-





You said:-

Costa Women is an invaluable resource for anybody already in Spain or thinking of relocating here. Great social network, events and get to know lots of new people near where you live. Very active on Twitter and Facebook & has a weekly newsletter too.

Very useful website for connecting with other expat women. As someone who lives in a remote area, away from the main urban areas, I find it a great way to meet like-minded people and collaborate on new projects.

A fabulous group and lots of people with so many ideas and interests. An asset to the community

Costa Women is a unique networking platform for women from all backgrounds to interact and share experiences of living in Spain and the islands. Every region of Spain should have a Costa Women group!

Costa Women is like a piece of shine located in a half full glass, one simple platform for networking, collaborating, friendship making and addressing a whole series of affairs, advice, requests, encouragement and a place for inspiration.”

Fantastic group which really helps women become involved in a community in Spain. Great for friends and to learn about local events”

Great community for Women abroad. If you are a self employed person or looking to run your own business than even better. Supporting women in Spain not just on the Costa.”

Through Costa Women I’ve met wonderful friends and great business contacts; and I’m having a lot of fun.”

I love Costa Women, it is a fabulous resource for all of us living here in Spain. A huge thank you to Ali Meehan the founder of Costa Women for her enthusiasm, generosity, sheer hard work, and vision in creating the networking group of the future.”

Ali Meehan is so generous with her help and time, and Costa Women has grown quickly for that reason. She shows the rest what social networking is all about!”

Costa Women is the CORE of all women who find themselves here NOW in Spain… We are a web of interconnectedness, supporting each other… sharing experiences… never alone… I love it… Thank you”


Thank you so much!  Please continue to share Costa Women with your friends and contacts.

Website http://costawomen.ning.com/
Twitter: @costawomen
Linkedin: Costa Women Entrepreneurs
Google+ gplus.to/costawomen

5 thoughts on “We Won – Telegraph Best of British – Social Clubs”

  1. Sandra Piddock

    Well done Ali. There are so many negative expat forums out there, and you've proved that being positive and optimistic brings results. Enjoy your moment of glory - you've earned it!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments Stella, Sue, Sandra and Polly Rae!  And thanks to you for creating such a welcoming community for new members.  We don't do negativity right? - life's just too short. 

  3. Jacqueline Crouch

    Congratulations to Costa Women and especially to Ali for all your hard work and efforts in creating the group.

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