A Spanish Love Affair!!

Hello Lovely Costa Women! 

Wow this is exciting…For the first time ever, two weeks ago, we are handed our Boutique Blog over to a Real Bride! The first of 3 very special Brides who have tirelessly planned and implemented their Spanish Weddings themselves! Today we have the gorgeous Nikki Hinkinbotham telling us us all about her Wondrous self styled wedding day here in Spain, to her beloved Groom Alex!

Nikki has some wonderful tales of love, happiness and plenty of good tips and advice for you!  So without further ado! Over to the gorgeous Nikki!

An Introduction….Nikki and Alex- Our Spanish wedding at a glance!

A wondrous Wedding Day… Well a wondrous wedding weekend would be a more accurate description. I doubt I’m ever likely to experience such a joyous, incredibly or superbly memorable occasion ever again. It was truly magical. That is mainly down to our fantastic venue, all the services we employed and our lovely friends and family. Everyone came together to deliver a celebration of love that resounded for every second we revelled in it!

To read the full story of Nikki and Alex’s wondrous Spanish Wedding Please poop to our BLOG….  http://www.boutiqueweddingsinspain.com/real-wedding-wondrous-wedding-day/


Lucy x