Costa Women Axarquía Launched

On Thursday October 16th we had the launching event of Costa Women Axarquía. Although there have been other groups, outside and within Costa Women, there was not much going in in the Axarquía recently.

So last Thursday 15 women gathered at La Tasca in Torre del Mar for a first meetup. It was an informal get together where everyone met new people and got to visit with ladies they had met before. The feedback was very positive and everyone seemed to have had a good time. What was very impressive was the creative brainpower of these ladies combined. I foresee the accomplishment of many great things ahead. 

Thank you Jade, Ashlyn, Lenette, Maddie, Beverley, Gaynor, Phillipa, Rachel, Mariola, Maria, Jo, Judith, Liz, Ellie for making it a wonderful first meeting! Thank you Beverly for being such a gracious host.

The Axarquía is not a very large region, but too large, and with a lot of campo, and long driving. So for planning future meetings we have to take into account the different interests of women; social or business. But we also have to take into account ladies not being able to meet during the day or evening, depending on work, their own business, distance, children and what not.

So discussing in our Facebook group, about options on how to set up future events, we seem to be currently settling for:

  • We do a monthly morning coffee.
  • We do a monthly evening event.
  • One month the evening event is a business event.
  • The other month the evening event is a more social event.

I will be announcing the dates for the coming events shortly. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.


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