A week of all weathers !

Clear blue skies and temperatures mild,

exlporing , den making perfect days for a child.


Sun shining, time to sit with my book,

Inspired to alfresco Paella to cook.


With tasty leftovers in hand,

a day at the beach picnic on the sand.


Return to La Rosilla with rosie cheeks and smiles on our face.

Memories created, of our special place.

As temperatures drop fire gets made,

time for yet more logs to be laid.


A loud crack, and flash lights the sky

as rain starts to fall, in my bed I cant lie,


chilled to the core the world has gone mad

Wait a minute is that snow ?


Oh my goodness a week of all weathers we’ve had !

Warmth, sun, lightening, rain now snow


Remind me where I live and what month its is,

Cos’ one thing for sure my body and mind’s in a tis.