Lynsey Drake

The jewel of Autumn

Who can but desire the luscious juiciness, of the ruby red seeds from a Pomegranate – Like Ruby Gems, glistening awaiting to adorn dishes, with the jewel like presence.     Pomegranates (Granadas) I believe are the jewel of autumn, just as some of us take to hibernation, the beautiful pomegranate hangs from it’s tree, …

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A pot full of goodness.

I needed to go food shopping, restock, fill the cupboards, so when I opened them they would be full of inspiration, bursting with goodies, little gems, just waiting to be created into something yummy. But today was not the day to go shopping, well I’m mean I couldn’t, logistics, chores, lack of enthusiasm were all …

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My Bounty !

Everyone loves to receive a gift, an offering, I am no exception, and if it comes in the guise of food even better.  My bounty this week was huge bag of Avocados, scrumped ! no picked by a local for me. The perfect avocado season, but like when all fruits and vegetables are at their …

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