Abundance: Have you activated your ALLOW button

Abundance: Have you activated your ALLOW button?

You might say that you want abundance, you might even believe that you really, really want it… But is every part of you on board?

It’s a great idea to start by checking the status of your ALLOW button.  Are you allowing yourself to be abundant? Are you allowing the Universe to bring you all the gifts that you say you want?

Take a moment to explore in which area of your life you lack abundance. You can use the Coaching Wheel of Life to measure each different area. Print it out and then as you focus on each category ask yourself how abundant am I. Fill in that section of the wheel to reflect how much abundance you have.

The wheel will also help you to discover whether you have a full and balanced life – essential for your happiness and well being. All too often we have abundance in one area, but are completely lacking it in another. We may have the ideal job – but it doesn’t pay the rent! We may have found our perfect mate – but suffer from ill health.

Alternatively, you may prefer to just focus on each area in turn and give it a number from 0 – 10. Ten being super abundant and zero a total lack of abundance. Write down the numbers. Select the area you would like to work on and close your eyes… imagine your ALLOW button. This is the button that will allow you to receive the abundance of the Universe. Are you ready to press it? If you were able to press the button, celebrate! Sometimes all that is required is to ALLOW yourself to receive abundance.

Notice if you have even the slightest hesitation or reluctance to press the ALLOW button. This will come precisely from those parts of you that are not yet on board. There may be many different reasons why you are not yet be ready to press it: from blocks to deserving abundance, to fear of success, fear of failure, a combination…. You may also have a whole selection of limiting beliefs that you have inherited unconsciously during childhood from your family and society.

The good news is that you can tap them away with EFT! Click here for instructions on how to start tapping

If you would like help working on those blocks or beliefs that you are unable to access yourself because they are hidden in your unconscious mind, and you are in the Marbella area, join me for my workshop ‘Welcome Abundance’ this Saturday in the Sherainae Spa, Hotel Sultan, Marbella from 11am to 2pm. Cost 25 euros. Call me on 654 32 07 35 to book your place or email me at info@GetEnergised.com

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