Age Care Association Volunteers continue their good work

Age Care volunteers are working hard to keep their members from being isolated, the drivers are distributing light lunches to over 30 members twice a week, weekly shopping trips, regular telephone calls, bi-weekly bulletins that keep them informed of the latest news, an on-line chat room that enable them to see and talk to their friends.

We are looking after the ‘Elderly and vulnerable`in all Calahonda, Fuengirola, Los Boliches, Benalmadena and Coin.

The help line 635 407 255 is open 24/7 and the Client Information Advisor is busy organising hospital and clinic appointments. In addition to all these activities Age Care has now instigated a new programme Check In and Chat” in which volunteers will call the elderly just to chat, making sure that no-one is left feeling alone and forgotten. 

Age Care has also opened a funding app here to raise funds now that the Charity shop in Calahonda is closed. 

Age Care and its members are extremely grateful to these volunteer drivers who are risking their own health for them.