Are you being shy or sharing?

If you know that you have a purpose to fulfill, but feel insecure how to communicate and share this, keep reading. Perhaps you are working as a therapist, coach or healer, and exploring traditions and sacred techniques such as shamanism, yoga, energy work and Angelic connections which extend beyond the mainstream paradigm. This message is for you!

You might admire those who have stepped up and may be telling yourself to do this too, but when the opportunity knocks you let it slip… The words get stuck in your throat and you shy away from the spotlight.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

As a child, I shared my experiences openly. I was lucky to have a mother who understood me, but I soon  learned that it was better not to talk about certain things to other people as they usually wouldn’t get it. They were not open to a reality beyond their awareness. My night visions were just nightmares and my recollections of past lives came from my wild imagination. I was told to keep both my feet on the ground and stop speaking about these silly things.

This message was reinforced when I went to church at Christmas with my family. Something caught my attention. I wanted to run away, but I had to silently sit still.  The centerpiece of the church was a painting of Jesus on the cross. Back then, I did not understand what was happening or why I felt so uncomfortable, but now I know that I received a subliminal message. “This is what happens if you want to bring more Light into this world. You will be tortured and killed.” This message combined with some of my past life memories made me hide my gifts for many years…

I started to feel a strong calling from my Soul. At first I ignored it and tried to push it away… When I first experienced this feeling as a teenager I’d kept myself busy competing in karate. Then I became busy climbing the career ladder in banking. But when I started to feel pain in my chest area, I began to slow down. I knew what I needed to do. It was time to leave my current career and start doing what I came here to do. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to a steady paycheck, and people called me crazy when I shared my plan. They said I was going woo-woo and had my head in the clouds.

I was in a limbo.

There was so much FEAR! And it kept me stuck, but my heart was telling me that I must do this. I must be true to myself. I must take a leap of faith.

And when I did… The pain in my chest area disappeared, but the fear didn’t. I had to work through many layers of fear to begin sharing my purpose. It felt as if there were ropes pulling tightly around my throat. I needed to transform the knots of fear into courage. I’m grateful for all the teachers and friends who have accompanied me through this process. And if the fear creeps back and knocks at my door, I know what to do. I won’t let it stop me or hold me back…

I take stand tall and speak my purpose.

Now I want to pay it forward and support you in moving beyond your fear and sharing your true potential through your work as a therapist, coach or healer. Don’t hide away any longer! It’s time to move from being shy to sharing, and I have come up with a gentle and safe way to do this.

I created the Speak Your Purpose – 5 Day Quickstart program to help you to share your purpose with clarity and ease, and express it with confidence. If you want to find out more about this FREE quickstart, click here:

With Love & Light,