Ali Meehan

Tina Verelst Interview

Costa Women Meet Tina Verelst

Finding an ‘unreal’ home in Calpe meet Tina Verelst.  She traded Luxembourg for Barcelona first and now loves her new life in Calpe. Tina is creating space to Learn, Adapt and Overcome. Read her story.

Embracing Mindfulness and Mental Fitness: Michele Schalin’s Journey to Empowerment

Michele’s story beautifully illustrates the journey of embracing life’s challenges and opportunities with a mindful and open heart. Whether you’re navigating personal transformations or seeking to enrich your life with meaningful connections, Michele’s experiences offer inspiration and guidance for a fulfilling path forward

Katie Mann Dog Trainer

Costa Women Meet Katie Mann

Moving from the rat race of London to Villafranco de Guadalhorce is Katie Mann. Katie spends her days offering dog training and foster caring as well as projects in her new home. She is loving her life in Spain. Read her story.