Ali Meehan

Karen Reay

Costa Women Meet … Karen Reay

Whilst the children have flown, Karen Reay occupies her time with her passion for pilates and wellbeing as well as running a Ukulele group in Malaga city.  Read her story.

Carrie Frais

Costa Women Meet … Carrie Frais

Meeting her future husband at the wedding in the UK and throwing a dare into the conversation about moving to Spain brought Carrie Frais back to Spain. When here, Carrie discovered that there were limited resources for parents and created

Costa Women Meet … Natalie Jones

Many of us struggle with self image and what we believe we ‘should’ look like. What do you do if your genes give you something which means people say you are ’90 degrees from normal’?  Natalie Jones shares her journey with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Read her story