Are You Living Your Beliefs?

Often our lives are a direct result of that which we believe.  It includes it all, the good, the bad and the really ugly.


Have you stopped to think why some things are not working out as you expected them to be?


Does it seem to you like money comes, and money goes, and sometimes, mostly goes, and keeps on going?


You think you’ve found the perfect mate and before too long, he or she, turns out to be the mate from hell.


Are you frustrated about no matter what you do; things just don’t turn out your way?



This is an indicator that the walk you are walking is a direct result of your beliefs; in other words, you are living what you are believing; and some of those beliefs can be hurting you.  Like “Money is the Root of all Evil!” Ouch!  And you wonder why sometimes you don’t have enough of it!


The way you live today, is directly connected to your beliefs system.  No exceptions!


Therefore, you are what you believe.


The good news is those negative beliefs, or even old beliefs that no longer serve you, can be changed, quicker than you think.




Do you have what you want or do you have what you don’t want?  Do you know what to do about having more of what you want and less of what you don’t want?


¨      Assess what you do have and what you can do to attain it.

¨      Consider how mistaken beliefs can hurt you.  Being in scarcity is no fun for anyone.

¨      Ask:  Is what I have a reflection of me?

¨      Do I have what I really want?

¨      Identify things, people or circumstances that do not please you.

¨      Do you tend to vacillate?

¨      Do you tend to be impulsive?

¨      Do you like to think things through?

¨      Do you follow your instincts?

¨      Do you communicate your needs well?

¨      Do you smile inside but forget to tell your face?

¨      Are you happy?





¨     Shift your focus to that which you do want.

¨     Be as clear as possible with the vision you want to hold and to have.

¨     Evaluate the benefits of having what you want.

¨     Think of what you have to gain by shifting, deleting or completely eliminating negative or mistaken beliefs.

¨     Think how much is costing you in all aspects of your life to live by someone else’s rules and beliefs.

¨     Identify what’s getting in your way.

¨     Remember that if you believe you can, you can.

¨     Understand that expanding your beliefs enriches your life.

¨     Be proud of who you are and not of whom you are not.  This will help you to slowly shift strong, deep-rooted beliefs that no longer serve you.

¨     Align your emotions with your heart’s desires.

¨     You have many options to fully have, be, do, and live what you believe and still serve your greater good.  However, those beliefs better be to serve what’s on behalf of your best interest.

¨     Make it about “what you really want.”

¨     Being in scarcity hurts you.

¨     Being in abundance brings prosperity and happiness.






¨      Raise awareness level to the point where you fully understand that you have exactly what you believe you can have.

¨      By assessing your possessions and surroundings, will give you a clue as to what you believe. 

¨      You have what you think you can have.

¨      Create a list of the “wanted,”

¨      Create a list of “unwanted.”

¨      Create a Gratitude List for what you do have, and do not complain about what you don’t have.  The formula is the same for both. 

¨      You complain about not having, you’ll attract more scarcity.  You express gratitude for what you have, you’ll attract more abundance.  It works exactly the same.

¨      Identify its origin.  Ask: How did I get this, or how come I didn’t get this?

¨      Find clarity to the roots of your beliefs system, even if it goes back to your childhood.  In fact, most of them come from parents and grandparents who did the best with what they had, so it gets passed on to the next generation.



¨      Make a list of things you want to eliminate.  Keep it simple and doable at first.  Hopefully, there won’t be much more to add to it.  One example is to eliminate self-doubt, and embrace self-worth.

¨      When you get rid of one thing, replace with another one.  A mistaken belief needs to be replaced with a positive belief so that you can have exactly more of what you want.

¨      Understand that forgiveness is crucial in this process.  Love and lack of forgiveness cannot live under the same roof.

¨      Build your self-confidence by understanding that the more you focus on what you have, the more of it you will receive.

¨      Look at the commonality among the leaders you know:  Passion, perseverance, purpose, self-confidence, assertiveness, determination, just to name a few.


At the end of your Action Plan Check-list, you will find yourself relieved, relaxed, more comfortable in your own skin, receiving more of the good stuff you want and deserve, and above all, you’ll find yourself basking in the knowledge of believing in yourself.


You can create anything you want by believing your own stories.  Change the story, change the outcome.


Always be grateful.  Gratitude attracts prosperity, which attracts abundance, which in turn brings you joy, fun, love, and happiness.  All you do is change the stories you tell yourself.