Are You Reaching Out?

Having a home-based business has tremendous perks.  You are in charge of your own time, activities, projects, tasks, delegation, and you don’t have to drive much to see clients or meet with vendors.  However, one of the down sides is that if you are not circulating and networking in your community, and brainstorming on-line with staff and colleagues, it can be highly isolating.

This can get you in trouble at times.  I know it has me.  Why?  Mainly because there’s no one around to call your bluff. 

There is no one to hold you accountable to follow a disciplined regime of marketing, sales, systems and projects, not to mention the all important Personal Development process, which is always “on-going.”  

It is hard to stick to a calendar when you feel you can do as you please, and you always have “later” or worse yet, “tomorrow.”  Besides, ONE truly is a lonely number.

What to do when you’re getting into isolation?

First, recognize the symptoms!


• Are you postponing important tasks?

• Do you tend to start with the easy stuff first?

• Are you ignoring your calendar?

• Are you only doing what is absolutely necessary?

• Are you neglecting important conversations or even correspondences with important people in your life?

• Are you feeling less energetic than usual?

• Is your passion-light flickering at times?

• Are certain tasks that used to be joyful getting to be a drag? • Do you find it difficult to go out and mingle at social networking events?


All these are symptoms of isolation and depression, or both simultaneously.  One can lead to the other, and your job is to find a way to get back on track, whatever that might be for you.  If depression, see a doctor, if isolation…..keep on reading.

Granted, there are things that we all have to do that are not as much fun as others, however, they have to be done.  And…with a song in your heart and a spring in your step, you can do them in JOY rather than in drag.


• Make a list of trusted friends and colleagues.

• Reach out to them.

• Find the courage to do so; it may be difficult in some cases.

• Share with them the issues you are having and ask for feedback.

• Remember, this is all about accountability, but also about reaching out and asking for help; which may not come natural to you at this time.

• Think that you are giving them an opportunity to help you and this may literally “Make their day.”

• Be clear in your request and ask for guidance.

• Let nature take its course.


Action Plan:

• Be prepared to listen very careful to what they have to say.

• Discern what feels best to you.

• Make a list of all the suggestions so that you can create your own mini-action plan to get you out of isolation and back on track of your chosen path.

• Be extremely grateful for all of what you have.

• Be extremely grateful for all of who you are.

• Be extremely grateful that you have these amazing people in your live, even if some of them are at a distance.

• Start your day by saying “Thank You” to your God or the Universe, and your heart will feel lighter and things will begin to turn around.

• Practice the courage to ask for what you want.

• Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

• Join a Mastermind Group.

• Get yourself an accountability buddy or coach to help you stretch your imagination, creativity and way of thinking.  It’s hard to think bigger, when you are in such a place of isolation, and yes, I know this from very personal experiences.

Assess your symptoms, know your options, take action, and ask for help. “Reach out….someone will always answer!”


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