Are YOU Ready for YOUR ReBirth?


IAM sure you are all feeling as I do, in your own unique way a huge shift; the foundation of our Human experience of duality as it breaks up beneath your feet. At times you may physically feel yourself mis-stepping, dizzy and nauseous or falling down, as your sense of security in the physical world moves from under you.


No longer can you rely on anyone, leaders of the world, professionals or family and friends to help you move through these times, as everyone finds themselves in the depths of uncertainty and great change.


You may feel alone, confronted and left to wonder how this is all going to end! The only thing left to do now is go deep within yourself and ask… what is in my highest interest to do next?


Nothing works as it once did, obvious really as all the systems and behaviours of society have been built on corruption, lies, horror, domination and abuse of power. In Humanity’s call for no more suffering and control, and in continuing to hold the vision… living in harmony, unity and freedom, everything not aligned with love is being forced to the surface for release and banishment from Earth. All in preparation for NewEarth, new systems and behaviours to be born anew.


However, this doesn’t stop the dark forces, in one last attempt, to divide and control Humanity forever! Continuing to confront each and every one… from all sides through politics, science, race & morality, forcing everyone to choose!


Humanity is purposely being confronted with so much mis-information, confusion and enforcement. Frightening everyone into conforming, and in ignorance we follow what is told and familiar. OR dare you choose to go out on a limb, discern the information for yourself and trust your own sense and responsibility to guide you through this time of great change?


Do you wear a mask or not, allow yourself to be traced or not, vaccinate your children, the elderly or yourself… or not! All these questions you find yourself with are polarising society, creating conflict and judgment that will ultimately capture and swallow Humanity whole!


It is therefore essential you stay out of this game and remember, even though the darkness cannot win from the light anymore it doesn’t stop them from fighting until the end… stealing as many souls who remain playing the victim game… being fearful and lacking.


You might like to listen to my live video chat I made yesterday, as I talk a little about the virus and how I have been Acknowledging, Embracing and Releasing the darkness at this time.



My Personal Experience…


For the last couple of weeks I’ve not wanted to go out… but had a need to stay at home and feel into the unwinding story of the Dark vs the Light, of which the disclosure of Human Trafficking and the virus is exploding amongst us all. Here in Spain we are now being forced to wear the mask at all times (except swimming, sporting, drinking & eating). I know it is the beginning of much more, but what to do!?


I continue to hold my vision of Humanity living in freedom, of the ones caught up in the darkness finding their freedom, of my fellow citizens coming to their senses… AND being invisible when IAM out as I continue to honour others by wearing the mask when IAM near but not when on my own, walking about as a sport or going shopping or dining out. (Walking in Spain is no longer deemed a sport or exercise so you must wear a mask!\ud83d\ude33)


I’ve not really felt inspired to write much lately, until today! I’ve been feeling lazy, wanting to do nothing, listen to the birds in our garden and videos of doctors and scientists who are talking about the virus, masks & vaccines. I continue to have lots of sleep, many naps, and breathe, feeling into everything going on.


IAM acknowledging it all, the darkness and the light, embracing everything and in this way I know my loving Divine presence is releasing everything that no longer serves myself and Humanity, transforming old energy into new potential to receive.


I will make a separate post about my latest musings about the virus… as I know it’s important for more information to come out, for others to distill their own truth. IAM sure you’ll agree with me that the mainstream media and governments around the world really don’t seem to know the truth… or at least let it out! I’ll link it here once it’s done.


IAM ready for my ReBirth…


Last week I was inspired and driven to finish my two intuitive paintings that I’ve enjoyed creating since February. It was time for completion and you can imagine my excitement at the outcome and message!


Now I know for sure my physical experience of NewEarth is imminent. My long labour giving birth to my new self and life is finally here to receive and enjoy. A few more pushes, releasing the old and a knew sense of freedom is all mine to devourer!


May I present both my paintings to you here below with their short corresponding message to me. May they inspire you to look into if… YOU are ready to birth YOUR NewEarth from within too.


The ReBirth of NewEarth from within is here to experience a new life of heightened and sensational potential beyond everything known. It is a space of unity, joy and freedom where all are connected to one source of crystalline consciousness…yet each is sovereign and magnificently powerful, a unique Master & Creator of a multidimensional reality.



The ReBirth of my Future Presence Self… AND so much more… is here to receive. It is a matter of choosing to release last remnants of fear and dare step into infinite freedom to love, share and enjoy life in community.


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living



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