Back to School

Today our oldest daughter starts her first year at Primary school here in Portugal and what a journey it has been, a quite stressful journey too. 

Here in Portugal, children start school in the calendar year they turn six, so as our daughter’s birthday is in January, she is one of the oldest or latest to start.  School is obviously mandatory from this age but it is up to the parents to register their child and to be aware of these rules. 

One of the things which bugs me about living in Portugal is the lack of information and the difficulty in obtaining needed information, such as about schooling.   Read more

1 thought on “Back to School”

  1. Carolyn Chafer

    Hi Christine

    I am staying in Ayamonte for the summer and, along with two other ladies who regularly stay here, am trying to set up a Costa Women Ayamonte group.

    I noticed that you are in Portugal near to the border and wondered if you would be interested in joining us?  We will be meeting for a coffee and a chat at 12 on Thursday at café Passage in Laguna Square in Ayamonte.  Feel free to bring any other ladies.


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