Basic Obedience Dog Training in Sotogrande

Hello Ladies,


As some of you know 6 weeks ago my husband and I adopted the most wonderful doggy from Los Barrios rescue.

Whiskey is doing really well, but to make sure we are all safe and happy we have decided to do the basic obedience training with him.

We decided to go with  highly recommended  K9 company and want to start asap.

They offer few options:

  • Private classes when the trainer comes to your house
  • Intensive course, 2 h, 3 -4 times a week in Marbella
  • 2 hours per week on Saturdays in Marbella


My top choice-private classes, but I must say the price is a little too much we were planning to spend. I would go for option two, but going back and forward to Marbella is not optimal. The 3rd option is great, but again…Marbella.


There is another option. The owner of K9, after a private consultation (FREE!), mentioned that he could run a group in the Sotogrande area if we managed to get together 10 dogs.

Group Classes would last around 2 hours, once a week (the day and time depends on the needs of the group).

The price is really great: 100 € / Month.

There is also an option of classes few times a week, but we can discuss when a group is put together.


If you or your friends are interested or have some questions, please drop me a mail at and I will do my best to put such group together.


If you want to see how those classes look like, you can join me for the Marbella class on Saturday 11am-1pm. The price is 25eur per session.


Kind Regards,