Over the hill? More like over the moon! Fitter, healthier (and happier) than ever at…

Over the hill? More like over the moon! Fitter, healthier (and happier) than ever at…


The other day I was reading the inspirational story of a lady of 102 who was the sole carer for her 80 year old daughter. One of the secrets of her health and longevity she said was to avoid doctors!


We seem have been brought up with the belief that as we get older mental and physical deterioration is inevitable. But maybe that doesn’t have to be true. As for me, while it’s true that some wrinkles have made their somewhat unwanted appearance on my face, I am also fitter, healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life. I may not be 102 (yet) but I am certainly of an age where I would generally be considered to be over the hill.


So what’s my secret? I’ve always been interested in health and all things alternative. Deepak Chopra’s first book Perfect Health really inspired me. The idea of studying people who were well, rather than those who were sick, to see what they were doing right seemed eminently sensible.


I was very pleased to discover that when it came to nutrition I seemed to know instinctively which foods were right for my body type 🙂 And as for meditation I took to it like a duck to water. With the right nutrition and meditation, I had the two cornerstones of my sickness prevention strategy.  


The next step was to look at how I could deal with current health issues. I’d always been fascinated by alternative medicine. (Though considered little better than ‘voodoo’ by the medical profession at the time, even at fifteen I knew there had to be something to acupuncture, after all it had been around for thousands of years.) And after a particularly bad encounter with antibiotics, I started seeing a homeopath rather than a doctor. I also started to put together an ‘alternative’ medicine cabinet with homeopathic remedies, essential oils and Bach flower essences, to which I later added Reiki, NLP and EFT.


Since starting this new health regime nearly 3 decades ago I’ve had no serious illness and I just seem to get fitter and healthier with each passing year. I can walk up the hills behind Tarifa at a fast clip and dance non stop all evening, so what’s a few wrinkles between friends!


And if you live near Sotogrande, join me, Suzanne Le Quesne and Petra Mikat this Tuesday, 26 February to find out more on how you can put together an ‘alternative’ medicine chest for you and your family. check out events for more information.


And if you can’t make it, my website already has lots of information about how you can use EFT on just about anything. And I’ll also be posting more information in future blogs. I’m especially looking forward to sharing with you a very special NLP technique for everyday physical traumas.

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