Being Joyful… No Matter What?


I’ve not felt much for writing, for doing anything actually! I’ve been dealing with necessities, reading and listening to what’s going on and chilling. IAM not even bothered about feeling joyful! About doing something to make me feel better.


I’ve been embracing all these dark energies that are coming up everywhere, within and without. I do continue to love myself, taking care of myself during these days. Walking by the ocean, bathing in my big tub, sitting out in the sun on my balcony and listening to the birds and the wind passing through the palm trees. IAM eating well and drinking plenty of water and herb teas.


Since September arrived, I’ve been feeling my physical body and mind going through more upgrades. I’ve had days of dizziness, having to stay in bed for a few days! All my senses are more sensitive and heightened, hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. My eyes don’t like looking at the screens for too long! So lots of just being and sleeping.


Since the last couple of weeks in October, my lower inside legs began itching and showing radiation burns again! AND my eyes continue to water and itch.


I know the continuous stream of crystalline light frequencies we are experiencing coming in from the galactic and solar suns are at the moment GAMMA rays (radioactive electromagnetic plasma) and the cause of my radiation burns and immense itching. I’ve experienced it before…it goes away when the body has finished its upgrade and cleared out deeper and ancient past distortions.


It will leave my Galactic Beingness, the DivineHuman I truly AM more restored than ever and I will want to celebrate, to sing and dance in joy again very soon.


For my friends who would like to read more details about the incoming light frequencies, I’ve been following Lisa Transcendence Brown’s Ascension journey for years now. I copied points of her latest Energy Update below, and you can go and read her full writings on her website… Awakening to Remembering.


September through December 2020 Energy Update…


  • Physical Body Purification Processes, Clearings and Upgrades
  • Whole Body Gridding Systems and Templates
  • Embodying NEW Earth Consciousness
  • Linking up to Gaia’s, Crystalline, Plasma, Universal, Cosmic and Galactic Energetic Gridding Systems and Templates
  • Everything must clear the body first (and completely)
  • September will have a focus, then October will progress to the next stage, November will progress the next phase and December will be a massive completion month…. (4 month template restructuring process in vibrational alignment with all things NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS)
  • Increasing Photonics, Cosmic Rays, Gamma Frequencies and Solar Flare/CME Activity intentionally “target” (accelerate) DNA re-writes as a part of each’s Galactic-Soul Agreement for Service Role Fulfillment as PURE DIVINE LOVE here
  • Free-Falling (this correlates differently based upon dimension)


So just for now IAM spending conscious time breathing and being in silence with myself, to feel my true state of being joyful, love and peace and keep my vibration high and my body/mind well AND rejuvenating… no matter what is going on!


I’ve embedded my latest Wednesday live chat below, to share how it’s possible to feel the joy even when you can’t be bothered to find it! Enjoy.


In the meanwhile the US election is nearing, the division is widening, virus restrictions tightening and the truth is being disclosed ever so slowly. It makes it more essential than ever for us all to anchor deep within our own love and knowingness as to what next step to make. To take care of ourselves, discern information well and surf this enormous wave of change the best we can, holding the vision of unity consciousness.


It is time for the Awakened Human to fully surrender to the Divine within who knows how to journey through this transformative time in all ease and grace. AND as we journey, others will follow our example.



Why not join me each week for some Quiet Me Time, just to breathe and relax together and tune into your Divine being. Practice makes perfect. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel Barbara Franken to receive notifications.



Transcription of Live Chat…


Welcome to this sacred and quiet space just for you and me to breathe, to relax. To sit somewhere safely, just to be with ourselves to get to know ourselves… yourself. I invite you to take that conscious breath.


Take some deep and gentle breaths, bringing your breath all the way down to your tummy. Feel it as it pushes in and out. Getting nice and comfy, just for a moment with no distraction. Just you and me. Feeling yourself relaxing. Feeling your energy flowing through you, from the air down and releasing all your tensions.


Be conscious of the air you’re breathing, the oxygen and crystalline atoms, all nourishing your Body, Mind and Spirit. Imagine each cell dancing in delight as they feel the touch of the breath, the nourishment and how they vibrate… in joy… opening up to new life, a new day.


Be conscious as you are allowing Body, Mind and Spirit to come together in one harmonious alignment. All of you together, merging. As you breathe, using the figure of 8… breathing in from the air, down through the core of you and down to Mother Earth and back up, in one gigantic figure of 8. Being conscious of your connection to everything above and everything below.


You are a part, an essential part of everything, so there is no way you could ever be alone. You might feel it, but you can remember it’s not TRUE, we are all connected. Through this stream of consciousness that you are, that IAM, that you mirror me and I mirror you. We are all here to inspire and support each other on this journey.


Continue breathing and relaxing, being conscious of how you feel as you listen to my little talk today. Listening to what is coming up. I never really prepare, but of course it is always something to do with my next step and your next step. I have learned to trust myself, its not something you can prepare, otherwise you know its coming from the mind!


I remember when I first started my live chat a couple of years ago. I did it to practice public speaking, to be spontaneous in channeling myself. Nobody else. Nobody is welcome! Although, saying that, a part of me is part of everything else. Consciousness is one pool of all knowing. We are all dipping into it and taking what we like and putting it out there, to represent our expression.


I remember in the beginning getting so emotional, this human sitting here, because we are conscious of the Human, and then you are conscious of this voice that is a little different to me normally talking, and feel that loving presence coming through you. Thinking wow… Yes IAM so special and so are you.


Since 2012 I’ve had so much going on with my skin, from my face and scalp, neck and legs. It all disappeared, but this last week it’s appeared again on my legs. So I know the light is so full on now. I don’t go into the details, but many people do if you want to know, but I don’t think it’s important, you can find out.


More and more light is coming in now, to the body, waking everybody up and IAM so thankful! People are still not waking up! Here in Spain it just amazes me every day as they are walking around with these masks on their own, nobody around them, even in their cars. What is it going to take! I don’t know.


All IAM doing is looking after me, my near and dear ones and sharing my experience and expanding my circle of friends, with Divine brothers and sisters. I feel soon we have lots of work to do, as Humanity is going to go into shock hearing the truth. We could never have imagined how people would wake up and see the bigger picture.


For me, I had a dream right at the beginning of my awakening, of realising there was more of me. In it I saw 52 cards, a pack of cards laid out. I was walking, really weird, around these cards and every step I made, it was like in a Disney programme, I stepped on one and a whole scene came up, world events, not really important, just happenings and as I stepped around everything I knew why, how, when, everything. At the end of the dream I knew that after, at a certain time this picture of everything would unfold to me and I would know it all.


Now, I can’t say that everything has unfolded… yet… but a lot, so much and it’s very exciting. It is all good, as it is who IAM, who we all are. We are all loving and very powerful beings and there is a happy ending. IAM going to make it for me but I cannot make it for anyone else. So I can share my life, my story and people who would like to join me are most welcome.


So yes IAM miss harmonious and some people don’t like this, but saying this brings me to how I’ve been feeling lately. Where is the joy? I don’t feel it, how can I feel it when what’s happening out there, cause all I can feel is the sadness, the unrighteousness, everything, it’s awful and the darkness and what’s being unravelled. It really makes you want to puke. Is it really true? Well I know throughout life we have been very barbaric, so why would we stop now! Some people have just not progressed like me or you.


Anyway how can we be joyful? Feel joy with all this going on? Here’s me, always writing about it, always saying it… Be Joyful! So I’ve been thinking about it and I know I’ve explained it before, but its coming up again.


It’s like the Human has the experience of joy, we go out and dance and sing, have a nice time with friends and we can look forward to Christmas and be with family. It is a joyful and nice feeling. But actually this joy is not the joy I a mean when I say Being Joyful, no matter what.


What I mean, is to align, to fully connect and be who you really are, and who you really are is Love, Joy and Peace. There is no difference. You are Love, you are Joy, a vibration, a feeling. It is the only way, in these tough times to feel it. I don’t even feel like, especially this last week, going to dance or sing or do something nice to feel joy.


The only way to feel joy and keep our vibration high is to be with ourselves, to breath and just allow that joyful essence of who we truly are to emerge. AND it does, but you have to sometimes persevere, if you’re sitting there and your mind is going, oh I’m feeling like this… feeling miserable… it’s not going to happen is it. It’s so easy to feel like this, because out there is so bad and feeling it all, we’re Human! This is not going to change. It’s good that we’re Human but we’re also Divine.


For the last 10 minutes I thought we could all sit here, in silence and allow the bubbles of joy to permeate our body. The joy is here because it is who we are.


So by now we should be nice and relaxed, breathing, and actually the deeper and louder you breathe, you allow more energy, consciousness within, the light that fills your whole body, because you are moving it around consciously with your breath and it actually makes you feel more of your essence.


Let’s take some real deep breaths, nice loud and deep breathes, from the tummy, pushing it in and out. Allowing ourselves to be in this silent place, feeling the loving presence you are and let’s allow, let’s have the intention to feel the joy we are, no matter what.


When you start feeling the joy, just expand your consciousness, so it gets bigger and bigger. Radiating the joy out into the world. Remember you can push the joy out from your third eye too, bubbles of joy. Imagining the Earth surrounded with your bubbles of joy, your essence.


Allow it all to happen so quickly and feel how your body vibrates into wellness. Into rejuvenation. Releasing all tensions, embracing it all, feeling it all.


I’ll tell you, we’re so powerful at this moment. Anyone who comes near us will feel so much joy, aliveness, vibrancy. The more we practice, the more it happens with the click of the finger and you can walk in both worlds with your head held high. This never used to happen, years back so quickly, tuning into your high vibration, amazing.


So while you stay in this high vibration you can be aware of your expansion and sending joy out there, feeling your body just dancing in delight, just renewing itself, recharging itself, changing itself and being aware of your physical body wherever you’re sitting. We must remember we are multi-dimensional, we can do it all now!


It feels good and I hope you feel good too. You are magnificent, you are loved and we’re ready for whatever happens and it’s going to take as long as it takes, when its time, NewEarth will begin to unravel.


We continue to hold the vision of unity consciousness, the bringing in of new technologies, the opening of hearts of Humanity, the transformation of all darkness, it will, it is all happening. Magic is at play within you and will be reflected in the world. Trust this. No need to fear, there is a happy ending.


We have seen a few things that are going wrong in the normal administration of our life here in Spain, in the world. Things aren’t working and I could get upset, I have been upset, but it’s all part of the change that’s coming. So don’t stress too much, if you see things aren’t quite right or happening as they should. The old world is no longer, it is not supported and we’re building anew.


It feels good, to say I love you, thank you, be your magnificent self and see you again soon, online, offline, wherever you are. Adios.


©IAM Barbara 21/10/2020


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
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