After Birth Recovery Treatment

Giving birth may be a wonderful experience but it is without a doubt, one of the hardest things you will ever ask your body to do.

And it comes after 9 months of your body doing extraordinary things and undergoing extraordinary changes.

The hormones released during pregnancy, birth and the period directly after giving birth change your body in some extraordinary ways – your ligaments become looser and more relaxed, your muscles will have been asked to work in new positions and under new tension, your blood supply will have changed, even your skin changes!

All of these changes, not to mention the emotions and possible stress of pregnancy, birth and a new baby can make your body feel very strange.

Reconnecting to your body

Heather, our massage therapist, talks about why she wanted to specialise in treating women, particularly women who have recently given birth.

When I was a student therapist I worked in the pregnancy clinic. I really enjoyed meeting all the woman that I treated and I learned so much from them. Each pregnancy and birth is so different and individual that it takes time to address each woman’s particular concerns and aches. I found so many mothers were keen to return to their “normal” activities but felt their body wasn’t ready. I loved helping them feel “normal” and comfortable in new bodies.

And then there’s breast feeding!

Whether you choose to breast feed or not there are going to be changes to your breast tissue.

Heather explains,

There are many challenges and frustrations both when breast feeding or stopping breast feeding; the breast can become engorged, the ducts can become blocked, you can get mastitis and then the breast can become very tender and sore due to swelling. Breast massage increases circulation and drainage. It helps to stabilize the breast tissue and give relief from the discomfort.

What to expect

The answer depends on you and your particular birth experience.

Heather includes a wide combination of techniques, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage massage, abdominal massage, myofascial release and more. Each 60 or 90 minute session is tailored to what your body needs on that day to help you recover and feel reconnected to your body.

Because the better you feel, the better you can do this new, important role – mum.

Not sure what’s best for you? Our Patient Care Coordinator can talk you through the options available both at the clinic and locally to make sure you get the best support possible.

If you’d like to book an appointment please contact us directly over emailWhatsApp or in person as required.