Being Responsible for Self and How you Feel…


How are you feeling and what are you thinking about now? Stop for a moment, sit down and observe yourself. Do you find yourself in a good space; meaning are you feeling great? and do you find yourself in good company, at home, work and play?


Could you even say you’re in paradise everywhere you are and everywhere you go? Surrounded by beauty and joyful creation… your own material creations maybe?


How do you respond when I say… How you feel, is your responsibility?


Early on in my life, before I realised I was playing the Human Game… I used to believe my own happiness or misery was dependent on a situation or another person! It never occurred to me I had a choice how to respond and focus, in all life’s diversity! I never understood I was responsible for my imagination, thoughts, emotions and deeds.


Of course, we have been taught briefly about cause and affect or karma, but it never really sank in and prepare me to take full responsibility for myself in life, after all we’ve organised others to make sure IAM ok?


Giving the responsibility to our leaders, experts, governments, central organisations, who organise our daily life and educate us. They make the rules, laws, practices and methods for us all to follow.


Do as your told, stick to the rules and everything will be ok!



It was only after many years, waking up to realise who I truly AM and how life and energy/consciousness works that I began to fully understand how it was up to me to be responsible for consciously imagining, thinking and acting, and most importantly shining my light.


Shining my magnificence, my joy and passion, no matter what, as my feeling (which is vibration) brings in more of the same to experience.


More light, more magnificence, more joy and more passion for me to experience!


Not only this, but as I experienced shining my light, I knew it protected me from any harm… you could say, my light shines so bright that it makes me invisible to all darkness. Wherever I find myself; in my car, in my home, in another place or with others, I intentionally expand my light to include my Environment, and know everything is safe.



We originally set up the Human Game of duality or contrast, to be able to discover through experience… what we like, what feels good and how we love to spend our days. Also to remember we are more than the body/mind; we are spirit or consciousness too.


One Body Consciousness or Oneness, born Sovereign and free to know and express our unique, powerful and creative creator self.


Sovereign means to have ultimate power and authority over oneself and life.


As the Human begins to sense the bigger picture, consciousness expands to include more and more of its true Divine nature and receives quite naturally new insights. We realise feeling miserable is a sign we are distracted by life’s drama and pettiness and have forgotten our connection with spirit, from source and our power of creation.


We are so focused on thinking and fighting for a way to escape feeling bad and a life we don’t want… that we forget that this is actually keeping us feeling bad (in a low vibration), attracting the same experience over and over again.


We keep ourself feeling miserable and in pain.



Over time, or in an instant… you become aware of how your own loving force within guides you to be responsible for how you feel, speak and act in relationship with the world and how essential it is to focus on what you like, what feels great and what you want to experience and create as a conscious creator being.


Each day you can practice focusing more and more on your grand dream of experiencing love, joy and peace… a life of celebration as your most powerful and magnificent self! Observing daily how your imagination, thoughts, words and deeds are made with love and not fear.


I do hope you are enjoying bathing in the loving and joyful energy reflected in my pictures of my home in Spain and my words. IAM enjoying planting summer plants and sitting out again on our balcony… the feel of the sun is just magnificent!


IAM also inspired to put a final layer of paint on my latest intuitive paintings, which will decorate my freshly painted walls inside my home.


After much quiet time these last few months at home, I’ve dived deep within and embraced and released more stubborn beliefs and patterns… clearing the way for new inspiration to come in. It has inspired me not only to update my MasterCreator class with new information, but to record it all on video and give a more inclusive feeling to the online class.



The MasterCreator class will be available from August 2021 onwards… for Awakening hearts to dive deep within self and fully shift out of the mundane experience of our 3D dual world of fear into the 5D multi-dimensional world of love. Whether you are newly Awakening to the truth of who you are and what life is all about, or already working with energy for years, this class will recalibrate your Body, Mind & Spirit and put you on the quantum track beyond everything known.


All for you to realise your passion and mission this lifetime; birthing NewEarth from within and experience Embodied Ascension or Enlightenment right here, right now on the Earth plane.


All you have to do is choose to fully commit to and celebrate your Sovereign magnificence and allow this class to be a dedication to you. A time and space of diving deep within for approx 21 days.


Allowing yourself to fully shift out of the mundane experience of our limited and fearful world into a new adventure and experience of unity and harmony as the Sovereign MasterCreator you were born to be.



The MasterCreator class guides you in moving out of the limited and controlled dual life in all ease and grace. Integrating with and embodying your true multi-dimensional self. Accepting and embracing everything you are, releasing everything that no longer serves you, and loving and trusting yourself to step into a new adventure beyond everything known.


The online MasterCreator class costs € 99. It includes a very special 2 hour skype session with myself after the class is completed. To celebrate together your move into your next role as Master and Creator of NewEarth.


AND, if you have any lingering and unwanted stubborn thoughts, fears, memories and beliefs in lack that (may) keep poking their head and discouraging your creation or manifestation talent), I can help you clear them for good.


This coming summer is a great opportunity to choose and commit yourself to YOU! To finally move beyond the focus of our 3D limited, controlled and fearful World into a 5D World (higher vibration) of love, unity and harmony… You are after all, a powerful Master and Creator being and can choose everything you desire to experience! 

For more info and to sign up to participate in this class from August please go to my website


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living




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