Costa Women Meet … Emma Hillman

We meet Emma Hillman who moved to Spain for the quality of life and found so much more! “We keep ourselves stuck, the bird cage door has always been open you just have to let yourself out – be the Eagle of your own life.” says Emma


Why Spain?

My family and I chose to move to Spain once my father retired because we knew the lifestyle would be better and healthier for everyone, especially my young children growing up.


Where are you based and why should we move there too?

Mijas a beautifully scenic area with many things to do such as visiting the mountain village, going horse riding, going on buggy safari, then there are the footpaths and walking trails. It’s also a short drive to the beach and the local community are generally just very welcoming and friendly. There is also a lot of things for children to get up to out here. The local Spanish school have welcomed my daughters openly and they have made fast friendships while they also learn the Spanish language.


What has been your biggest challenge?

Learning all of the new registration regulations such as getting an NIE, residency, Pádron and Spanish driving license all of which was helped by our friend from the brexpat community. We also had to sort out social security which made us realise just how valuable the NHS back in the UK really is. But we have overcome these challenges by listening and following the steps on what has been required from us and now we are all fully registered with social security. It certainly helps if you can get someone who speaks both your native tongue and Spanish and who knows the law out here so it’s worth investing in a good lawyer out here as well.


How do you spend your days?

I love Creative writing and coaching. Even though I’m a full time stay at home mum I still make sure I have time to do the things I love which inadvertently helps other people such as with my life coach skills. Predominantly I help traumatised people overcome their trauma through my learned capabilities as coach and NLP practitioner.


Something you are grateful for?

I am very grateful to have my beautiful children after an intense battle through infertility.


Who would you invite for dinner?

I would have my grandparents and great grandparents over as well as influential women such as Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie. I’d want to know how they survived life when faces with intense challenges and how it felt to be influential women at a time when there was still a big equality divide among men and women. We would eat modern food so that people from the past could experience how much flavour and style on our plates would change through the ages. I would also have Judy Garland over simply because her quote is my favourite “never be a second rate version of someone else always be a first rate version of yourself.”


Your secret weapon?

My secret weapon is my keyboard and love of writing. I have a few books due to be published very soon. Ones a true story and the other is a fictional one.

Watch the interview with Emma about her part in ‘HOW TO FIND YOUR SELF’ book, which will be launched in July. In the book Emma shares her story of how she not only survived sexual abuse but also managed to bring her abuser to justice – a topic we hear much about today, but where success is mentioned in only a couple of cases.



Favourite quote?

“Never feel like you have to be with anyone to feel good about yourself.” My grandmother.


One thing you had to bring to Spain and would never give away?

My health and my time.  Without my health I have nothing and time is the most valuable currency I own.


Favourite book and song and why?

The Store by James Patterson because it’s a very modern realistic updated version of George Orwell’s 1984 and does give the reader a lot of food for thought. My favourite song is ‘From this moment’ by Shania Twain as this is the song I walked down the aisle to on my wedding day.


Something you would tell your younger self

Be brave, however much this hurts now believe it or not this experience will be shared by you and will become your super power in years to come that is going to help a lot more people.


Where can we connect with you?

You can also find me on Facebook on the page ‘Eagle Dreams Forever


Thank you Emma!


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