Was it a bird? Was it a plane ? Nope the fat fairy flew

So I did it! I faced my fear: my knees had been knocking, my heart had been pounded and my stomach was thinking about making my breakfast re-appear, however Last weekend, after sitting in hubby’s hypno chair for a couple of hours, I was ready to face my fear of heights.

Dressed as Super-woman (naturally) we headed down to see Captain Kevin from Pirates Parasailing, who is his light hearted joking manor put me at my ease. Professional and safety first. The fact he had me on a live feed to Facebook (OMG) meant no backing out. Super hero hubby Stuart was flying with me, there to hold my hand if needed.

As the parachute was unfolded and the Jolly Rodger smiled at me, I knew this was it. I took a deep breath as I was strapped in place, then took a deep breath, screaming all the way up! I did settle after the first minute, and took in the view, amazing, I relaxed and actually enjoyed myself.

Our hero capes flying behind us. Happy in the knowledge that I was raising £200 for the real super heroes, the Cornwall Air Ambulance, a drop in the ocean of what they need, but I hope it helps. 15 mins later I was lowered back onto the boat smiling.

Much to others amusement, we then had a bite to eat at a local bar, then off to Mercadonna for the weekends shopping, (still dressed as Superwoman & Superman. We did get followed by a few children, and were asked to pose for photos a few times. We raised quite a few smiles. I think this may be our new Saturday shopping outfits. 

To donate directly to the Cornwall Air Ambulance:  https://cprmwallairambulancetrust.org/superhero-challenge/

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  1. Sandie Ashing

    Ah then I really tackled the sea phobia with kayaking in Nerja .... superwoman I am feeling

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