Black Monday who says ?


As I logged on this morning, I was pleasantly informed today was ‘Black Monday’, oh joy of all joys, what a great way to start the day, with a positive mental attitude and all that ???


So I thought well, I’m going to prove them wrong.  Often we are all guilty of focusing on the negative, sure we’ve all got challenges, and somedays they do get on top of us, and we wish we were someplace else, or somebody else, but do we ever take stock and have a look at what we have got ?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not some highly charged P.M.A Rhino, and I’ve had my fair share of momentary lapses in life, but today NOT today, today is a good day.
Wild lavender
Looking over my land to the Montes of Malaga, the mountain has become alive, with growing flourishing nature. Plants and trees have been fed plentiful waters from the rain, and daytime temperatures have been lovely and warn allowing them to stretch and warm the faces in the sunshine.  Almond blossom buds, are bursting open, and filling the air with soft sweet perfume, which fills minds and hearts with memories and thoughts of the soon coming spring.
With sun shining and faultless skies, the campo becomes a hive of activity,Olives being harvested, lands being ploughed. For me preparation of the vegetable garden for the La Rosilla kitchen, and the resurrection of LA Rosilla ‘Peckingham Palace” home for happy hens. Our previous hen house has laid dormant for a year or so, after Mr Fox, decided to pay a visit, hopefully now it is Fox and dog proof, and we can enjoy lovely fresh organic free range eggs once more for all our homemade recipes.
I’ve planted out, many varieties of lettuce, and fennel, and peas for their shoots, terribly trendy at the moment, but look totally fab in salads.
When we arrived at La Rosilla 6 years ago, I said I would walk to the end of my land, and sit,wonder, savour and breathe, each day…how life gets in the way.  Well yesterday I did,  making my way the shrubbery and overgrown mountain side, scrambling over rocks, and winding through olive trees, accompanied by my ever loyal Spaniel ‘Spencer’ , as my legs brushed the wild lavenders and rosemary the scent was amazing, like pure essential oils, orchids were bathing in the sun, and eagles were flying high in the thermals. I reached my pondering rock, feeling like miles from anyway,
on top of the world…that’s when I thought, Yes this is why I’m here…

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