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Instagram - Iðunn Ásgeirsdóttir
Costa Women Meet Iðunn Ásgeirsdóttir
"Believe you can, and you're halfway there" meet Iðunn Ásgeirsdóttir.  She packed 2 suitcases and her beloved Amora and moved to Monda.  She has plenty of wise advice for her younger self too.  Read her...
Anella Hansen
Costa Women Meet Anella Hansen
The challenges of moving abroad for family left behind is something that Anella Hansen had to navigate.  Now she is busier than ever helping people with ASD.  She also supports her husband in his agency...
Victoria Amiya
Costa Women Meet Victoria Amiya
Trust has been a theme for Victoria Amiya as she moved to Estepona and she believes that its a perfect focus for life. Read her story.
Costa Women Meet Catherine Hart
Turning photos into cards has been a long time business for Catherine Hart. Now she has retired her days are filled with capturing moments for herself and others. Read her story.
You are not alone in domestic violence
You Are Not Alone
And from the report Ten Years of the Organic Law 1/2004 of 28 December on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence in the courts, Foreign women over-represented among victims of domestic...
Glynis German Mallorca
Costa Women Meet Glynis German
From ska band singer to guiding people during their life changing moments meet Glynis German. Glynis now lives in Mallorca where she founded the Giving Life to Death Festival in 2020.  Read her story.
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