Brace brace… flight instruction or result of thumb-sucking?

We’re on the point of spending upwards of 2000€ to tweak 10 year old son’s teeth back into shape. Don’t ask me why he’s missing a tooth – totally missing, you understand, nothing to do with falling over or anything. Strangely daughter also had a tooth missing, but that probably WAS to do with falling over – off a trike at the tender age of 18 months, no less! So missing teeth run in my family but not genetically. At least I don’t think so. Anyway, I digress, albeit not a lot. 

Many months down the line after the dentist first referred us to the orthodontist and the orthodontist referred us to the dental x-ray specialist and the dental x-ray specialist sent us back to the orthodontist and… you get the
picture…. the aparato, or braqueta, as they’re known hereabouts, are imminent.

Would have been next week but a school skiing trip and upcoming 11th birthday put that back a month! So. Digression #2 over and back to the core of the plot.
Not my 10yo’s brace, but the brace required by a 13 year old whose two-finger sucking habit had played havoc with her dentition. Here, if you’ve ever had, or known, a child who’s grown up sucking their thumb and refusing to give it up, things become interesting. What follows are the words (including the word miracle!) of the teenager’s mother. Names have been removed to protect privacy. Sallie is nearly 14 years old and since she was a baby she has always sucked two fingers. I have tried numerous different techniques to try and stop this, but none of them have worked. She has visited two hypnotherapists both of which had no effect on her habit whatsoever. The first one Sallie saw for a period of about four weeks, where she was taken on a Harry Potter ride, to I think make her feel like a superhero where she wouldn’t have to suck her fingers anymore. This didn’t stop her from doing it, in fact had no effect whatsoever. The second hypnotist in addition to therapy gave her crystals to supposedly help her stop sucking her fingers. Sallie was hypnotised over a period of two months, again nothing that this female therapist did helped her to stop her sucking her fingers. On recommendation we also tried a habit breaker from the dentist, which came at a cost of in excess of £350; Sallie would just take this out in her sleep without realising she had done so, it had no effect.
She has also worn bandages on her fingers, she used to just take these off, I even tried putting Tabasco sauce, chilli powder and curry paste on her fingers before bedtime, and ironically she just got used to the taste of all of these.
Prior to our recent holiday to Spain we had invested over £2,000 pounds with a private dentist having braces fitted to Sallie’s teeth as the constant inserting and pressure of her fingers in her mouth were forcing the teeth to protrude.
Whilst in Spain I heard about a clinic that had received a lot of TV coverage around the world; we made an appointment. Two days, and two appointments later, all sorted. A bit like a miracle really. Since Sallie met Martin at the Elite Clinic and experienced the Pause Button Therapy she hasn’t sucked her fingers once, not even in her sleep, in fact her fingers don’t go near her mouth, she says she just doesn’t want to do it anymore. Sallie’s mother Essex United Kingdom


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