It Takes Two To Tango! The Power of Collaboration

Have you ever seen or participated in doing the Tango?  If you have, you will know that it is one of the most beautiful dances ever.  It is sensuous, graceful, harmonious, intricate, physical, calculated and well choreographed.  It is also a highly creative way of self-expression….with another person… in a very intimate way! 

The intensity of looking into each others’ eyes as if knowing what the other one is thinking and is about to do, shows the magic of the entire production, frame by frame, one gorgeous move after another, one step at a time in a very fast motion; with an outstanding clear message, well executed and delivered.

However, it takes two to do the Tango.  It cannot be done alone.

This briefly exemplifies the power of “Collaboration” on a 2-on-2 basis.

If you want to have a successful business, you must have a collaborative team.  And not just any team, but a team that:

  • Matches your core values.
  • Understands your vision.
  • Is in alignment with the mission your business wants to accomplish.
  • Values being an extension of your business growth.
  • Loves being in the service of those you help.
  • Has a good relationship to their money, so that they feel the same about yours.

Simple enough, right?  Not always; however, it certainly could be when in addition to office and managerial team, partners or joint ventures, you also have a Dream Team in place to help you make the best decisions for you and your business.

Who’s your Dream Team?  Your Business Coach/Strategist, your C.P.A., your attorney, your financial advisor, your banker, your insurance agent, and other professionals with a genuine desire to help you achieve your desired goals and success.  These are people that you not only know, but you like and absolutely trust.  In the long run it may include partners and joint-ventures colleagues.



What does it take to create the best “collaborative” office and managerial team?

  • You have to know how to lead.
  • They have to know how to follow.
  • You know who belongs doing what.
  • You know their strengths and weaknesses and use them accordingly.
  • You are masterful at influencing others.
  • You are mastering the art of clear communication of goals, vision, mission and alignment serving the greatest good!
  • You know their job or at least know how it feels to do what you are asking them to do.
  • You fully understand what it takes for them to meet your goals.



  • Hire with long-term in mind and room to grow.
  • If short-term is what you are pursuing, a Temporary Placement agency may be extremely helpful.
  • Utilize your data-base of resources.  This could be newspaper advertising, word of mouth, referrals, on-line job-pools like Monster and Career Builders, one-stop career local center, temp agencies, friends, and other professionals in similar industries.
  • Virtual Assistant Teams can be extremely effective to handle on-line jobs remotely, without the added cost of space, insurance, payroll taxes, paid vacations and the like.
  • In this world of fast turn-around time; when it comes to hiring collaborative teams, focus on QUALITY, not quantity.  Sometimes slowing down will get you there faster.



  • If you already have a team in place, make monthly evaluations.
  • Have a Standard Operating Procedure and Employee manual so everyone plays by your rules and not theirs.  Clear communication is key in forming, sustaining, and maintaining a collaborative team.
  • Create firm boundaries.  What’s okay, what isn’t, and impress upon them the value of YOUR time, as well as theirs.
  • Clearly communicate the common goal of your business.
  • Show appreciation for a job well done.
  • Show appreciation when they least expect it.
  • Acknowledge their contribution to you, your business, and your clients.
  • Consider a profit-sharing plan for those committed to help your business grow.
  • Create promotion opportunities whenever possible.
  • Maintain a sense of enthusiasm and excitement in job-related activities.
  • Help them see how they are part of your bigger picture.
  • Make them feel included, and not excluded.
  • Lead with your passion, compassion and by example.
  • Use your Dream Team for advice, guidance, direction, brainstorming and “accountability.”
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Sometimes it takes a village, sometimes it takes a tribe, and sometimes, it simply takes TWO TO TANGO!