Calling Costa Women from Marbella’s area: Can I let go pride without losing dignity?

A priest, once told me (after I asked him why was I always struggling and suffering, since I was a good person) why wasn’t I asking for help?  I replied that I didn’t like to bother people with my problems and that anyway, nobody wanted to help nowadays. He told me that I was too proud, then, asked me if I was praying. I said yes, every night. “what do you ask God” he asked? I, then, said to him my night prayer:

“My God, thank you for everything you give me every day.

Thank you for protecting and keeping my children healthy.

Please God, continue to protect them from harm and danger to the end of their long lives.
Let them grow healthy, become successful adults, happy with their family, happy in their careers, and see their children and grandchildren grow healthy and happy as well.
Protect people and animals, who are abandoned, sick, hungry, cold, in fear and alleviate their suffering.
Protect our planet and make mankind become loving and compassionate.
Please keep me healthy and give me strength to take care of my children until my last breath.
Give me the happiness to see them and their children grow, happy and healthy.
Thank you with all my heart, I love you my God.


He, then, made me notice that, besides asking to be in good health, I was not asking a thing for me.

“Ask and you will receive” he said to me. I tried, but I have to say that it didn’t feel right to me to be asking God for money, I found rather materialistic, surely not very spiritual.

Few years later, one of my wealthy client who became a friend, told me something:

“You must love and respect money in order to have money”.

I did understand the concept, but as far as I can remember, I always had a bad relation with money. I always thought that money was spoiling, I should say rotting, people, relationships, families, and the world. Everything bad that happens is mostly because of money. So I never wished of being billionaire, but just to have enough to live comfortably, care for my family and enjoy simple pleasures of life.

The very few times I asked The Almighty to be really rich, it was with the promise to give some of it to the ones who didn’t have anything. It was the only way for me to ask for money. But I never could love and respect money. I just only needed it.

Maybe it is the reason why I kept going from high to low and high to low until now. 

So here I am, today, walking down the hill of time, alone, carrying a load of struggles, when I should bear nothing more than serenity on my shoulders, share my experience and knowledge with my loved ones, enjoy my family and please myself. Here I am, trying to survive in a world where women are more than ever pushed back again, increasingly vulnerable and exploited, where aging is a disgrace instead of the recognition of experience and wisdom.

What should I do? I don’t lack ideas, but as always, don’t have the money to give them life.

I have 2 weeks left until the end of the month, time of rent and bills. I have no job. therefore no money.

So, although it is very hard for me to “beg” and expose myself, I am putting my pride aside and turn to you Costa Women.

Because the situation is critic, I ask you ladies living in the Marbella area to kindly help me by purchasing a series of facials from me.  I would come to your place. You would save me from hitting rock bottom.

If you wish to know more about the services and prices, please see attachement.


You can also email me at or call me at 634 30 53 63


I thank you all very much in advance for your understanding.


A priest once told me: “Ask and you will receive”

3 thoughts on “Calling Costa Women from Marbella’s area: Can I let go pride without losing dignity?”

  1. Go for it Diana, don't give up...where strong..I know the struggle, the fight, to get back on your feet, I'm in the middel of it also, after a relationship the Malos tratos which broke me down and I'm also 50. 

    But every day I get myself back on my feet and say to myself: Go girl, you can do it, your the best in your profession..kick ass (sorry ladies).....and I know it's very difficult, more because we are alone...but never give up ok !!!

    P.d. Since speaking Spanish, my English became worse.

  2. Lorraine Ellis

    Diana, thank you for telling your story, it is inspirational. All the very best on yout exciting journey, as you know words are powerful. Ask and you will receive. Try to do a vision board, be 100% specific. Also check out for inspiration.


  3. I thank you both for your warm words and thoughts. I just hope that my painful journey stops here and becomes a joy ride. Yesterday I went to an interview at the /clinic of Dr Amar in Marbella and it went very well. I have been offered to add my services in order to create a spa medic in the Clinic, as well as finding doctors in the US, UK and France, who can refer clients to Dr Amar for his exclusive facelift without surgery (done with stem cell fat grafting), absolutely amazing!
    He is the one who created the procedure, the technique and he already taught to surgeons in different countries in the world. He has been in TV News in the United States as well as in London and Paris.
    So, if you ever thought of having a lifting, please, let go the idea and get the FAMI from Dr Amar.  You will look 20 years younger, naturally, without scars, and without the look of a stretched face and thin skin. Your skin will go back the way it was 20  years ago (or more) because your stem cellls will work on it and it is forever! I saw the pics and it is really amazing. You don't need to wait until 50,  you can even do it earlier to prevent and really slow down the aging process. This is now on top of my bucket list.
    Thank you again and hope to hear from you soon.
    I understand that you need to know more about the procedure and the concept of stem cells, so I invite you to take a look at his website and call Sylvia 952 86 46 98 for more info. Tell her that you are referred by Diane. It won't cost you anything, but it will help me.

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