Change in Health – Detox in a holistic way

Now is the best time to start a fabulous program like this:

Change in Health

… a concept, which I have developed recently. It will help you to detox in a holistic way addressing body, mind and spirit. I have developed this 3-step concept, which may be a way to optimal vitality and well-being in just 30 days for YOU.

Our colon is the body’s power house which supplies energy to all of our organs and exerts great influence on the body, thoughts and feelings. The health and vitality stemming from the intestines is gaining broad interest, as evidenced from books such as “Gut Feeling” currently storming the bestseller lists, (Giulia Enders, Microbiologist ISBN-12 978-1771641494)

It is a little known fact that an adult intestine is six to eight feet long and, in a healthy state, has an inner surface of about 5000 ft2. That’s approximately the size of two tennis courts; yet the habits of today’s civilization reduce the effective surface of our colon to the surface of a ping-pong table! 

The main tasks of the intestine are regulation of:

  • !  elimination / detoxification,

  • !  food intake / supply of cells,

  • !  maintenance of the immune system (80% controlled by the intestinal nervous system!),

  • !  autonomic emotions. 

It is scientifically proven that 80% of the happiness hormone serotonin is produced in the gut. Further, gut feeling really does exist, with 80% of the body’s communication to the brain stemming from the intestine.

Given that the colon is the most influential organ in the human body, it is obvious that it deserves daily care. 

(Source SwissShape)

I use the unique COLON-FIT program, which has been developed by SwissShape. I love the program as it fits into the a true colon care program which fits into a busy lifestyle AND offers a kick-start for intestinal health – in just 30 days!

The body is detoxified through the intestines, it is well supplied with high quality biological nutrient, you are trained to eat consciously.

The 3-step-method includes individual consultation and relaxing sound therapy to support relaxation as well as the detox effect.

A fabulous program worth to learn more about. Please call me at +34 667 43 88 29 for further information.

Thank You!