On Mindfulness

I like to take a break from thinking, so I can come back to it with a different perspective and a refreshed mind. This break is called meditation and being more precise is not about not thinking, it is rather about not paying any attention to thoughts appearing on my mind. As we all know it is not that easy, because the thinking takes over like a spoilt child who wants attention and interest all the time. We don’t want to hurt it because we love it and we become dependent on its moods. But the truth is that it is I who should decide when to use it and when to let it go. It is I who should be in charge and in control of that relationship with my talking mind. There are times when I need its memories, judgment, critical approach or entertainment. There are times when I don’t want to listen to it at all. The repetitive talk can drive me crazy. So I started an educational process of learning how to regain my authority and how to manage this naughty talker, how to put it back where it place is. Mindfulness is all about that. It is about seeing the reality as it is and not as my talking critic is presenting it to me.  When I take that break from thinking I connect to the here and now, I am aware of my experience that is happening now. I feel, I sense and I am;  and no adjectives are attached to it. I MEDITATE.