Change is Happening… Are YOU Allowing Yourself to Change Too?

Not so unlike the ‘mass’ of British folk who voted to leave the choking ties of Europe and forge their own path into the unknown in search of freedom… The ‘mass’ of North Americans have voted to leave the choking ties of ‘an old and tired system’ to journey forward in search of a new way to live in abundance and freedom. Although not many are sure of the leadership of Mr Trump… it’s maybe a great opportunity to turn to your own leadership. To make this a time when YOU become totally responsible for all your own words and actions and steer yourself in the direction that makes your heart and soul sing in joyous harmony.

Times are changing, that is evident all over the world, so have YOU asked yourself where you stand in the world? Old ways and patterns of being at the mercy to greed, violence, limitation, domination and stupidity… no longer serve anyone. Even in your own life, within your relationships, your work and home it’s important to observe how your heart and soul sings and vibrates in joy, or when it doesn’t. If the latter is the case, it is maybe in your best interest to change your path and go in the direction where you feel great and powerful again.

Many of my family and friends know of our recent move to the Costa del Sol and my connection with CostaWomen, a free social and business networking group where Tom and myself have met many wonderful supportive friends. I noticed in our last business breakfast meeting how our group energy was changing, expanding with openness as we were allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and share with each other how our lives were changing. Many of us had begun to experience things falling away from us that no longer served us, but with the support of each other (remember we are mostly expats without family support), we remind and encourage each other that we are never alone and to always follow our own trail of JOY.

So the whole world and every person (without exception) is going through CHANGE. As a collective we are cleansing ourselves of everything that is not aligned with Love, Joy and Abundance; our natural state of being AND transcend the old mental and physical reality. We are allowing our soul/spirit/divine/higher self to integrate and embody our physical body and mind and live a life of celebration as the All Powerful, Magnificent MasterCreator each of us truly is, creating our heart and soul desires.

The foundation that once supported our dual, limited and dense life on Earth is no longer in place. Instead a foundation of Pure Crystalline LOVE has been created for the ones who are READY to live as DivineHuman Beings. Allowing their Human body and mind to surrender into the arms of their Divine self, to clear all their old ties of fear and lack and move forward into a NEW experience, beyond everything we have ever know up until this moment.

The natural movement of ALL life is happening… and YOUR life will be turned upside down and inside out to make sure all your fears and pains are shaken loose… so isn’t it better to be aware of this and not resist this CHANGE and instead flow as your Powerful and Magnificence Self?

To share knowledge of this natural Shift of Consciousness that is happening NOW on Earth, I published my own Magical Journey waking up from being a limited and powerless Human being to the realisation of how powerful and magnificent IAM and how I create the life I desire in each conscious moment. For the ones who are READY to commit to and celebrate their own Powerful and Magnificent self, I created my five-week MasterCreator Class Locally and Online… the latter can be undertaken from your own home and at your own pace AND prepare for the biggest celebration ever to take place on Earth.

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Barbara Franken
Creative Visionary… MasterCreator… Transformative Mentor
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I published my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom to share my journey Awakening and Integrating All of myself and be able to create a life of celebration as my Powerful Magnificent Self. Inspiring others to resonate with their own magnificence, their own natural state of being.

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