Dare to be Authentic



Standing in the shadows, hiding behind a mask, you will find the authentic self, that very core of our being that we fear to reveal, for fear of judgement or ridicule, because while it may tolerable to have criticism placed on what is a mere façade, on the person we choose to show the world, should judgement be placed on the true person, we fear the hurt may be too intense to bear. We believe it is better to hide behind a mask.

However, in truth we do not really know how others judge us, indeed, even words spoken may be clouded by core truths. The only reason we fear the judgement of others, is because we fear the judgement may be true. This is because we judge ourselves with harsh criticism, or because we lack self esteem. If we did not care, judgement would not be our concern. The reason we lack self-esteem, is because we do not dare to test our strength, but instead we hide behind a mask, shielding ourselves from the outer world, afraid to be strong, afraid to let our soul come out into the world and shine. And so we stay safe, limited, trapped.

We are like a bird in the nest preparing to take flight for the very first time, afraid to take a death-defying leap into the unknown. We fear our wings may not support us, that the wind ruffling our feathers may overwhelm us, and that we will fall to the ground to meet our death, and there is a very slim chance that we might, for life is cruel and there is no certainty in anything, it is survival of the fittest, a truth we find difficult to swallow. But, if we do not take a risk and open our wings to fly, we shall never feel the wind beneath our wings, as we glide through life’s currents, rising and falling through the days. We shall never see new lands, or glide across the oceans. We shall never rise high above the world to see the marvels of creation, because we shall be hiding in the nest, so afraid to die that we do not give ourselves a chance to truly live.

If we are to remove our masks and dare to be authentic; to be the person we really are, with our true potential realised, even if it makes us vulnerable, we shall liberate ourselves from our self made prison. Indeed, we are more vulnerable while we remain in the nest. It is only by testing our strength, our wings, and our abilities, that we find out who we really are and how strong we really are. When we test our strength, and realise our ability to face our fears; our courage to meet fear in the skies, in a stormy ocean, at the office, in the playground, or before a room of a thousand people looking up at us for guidance, the fear that was our prison warden, becomes the doorway to our freedom.

Copyright Antonia Behan 2012


I support you in developing the courage and confidence to allow the mask to make way for authenticity, and the sense of peace, acceptance and happiness that comes with authenticity. Find out more at: www.antoniabehan.com