Christmas Party

Thank you to ALI to a wonderful, joyous, fun, delicious, great, special, well thought of Christmas Party.

You have put so much love, work, care, ideas in this evening.

You had all night always an ear for anyone who needed you, even so you were most of the time so busy making sure that everything works out smooth and that we all don’t see what huge work is still requested behind the scene.

Your main goal as always was that every single woman and men could relax and enjoy the show. Even yesterday evening when sometimes 10 people at one time wanted and needed you, as always when you listen you hear and see only that person who needs you right than and there which is one of your many great values you have and we honor.

You are very special, we see this and appreciate it a lot and we are soooo happy and in gratitude that you our our COSTA WOMAN .

Lots of LOVE, HUGS, Respect, Grace, Gratitude, and Appreciatiation from us on the other side of Costa Women We See you !!!!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Party”

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments and post Lea!  Your comments and support are very much appreciated, as ever.
    Thanks also to Fia, Katarina and Nahida who came up with the concept, supported the event and worked to put the evening together.  To the donations of more than 90 gifts to the raffle from 45 companies and all to the Costa Women who made it such a great event on the night!
    Big hug,
    Ali x

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