Coming into YOUR Sovereign Oneness…


No one said our Awakening and Ascension journey is easy! In fact this choice we all make, to claim and follow our own truth, our sovereign, powerful and magnificent self… means to finally leave everything comfortable and known behind, to find ourselves isolated in many things, to face our fears, stand up for our truth and focus on our dream of living in unity and harmony. Allowing ourselves quite naturally to come into our own Sovereign Oneness.

You see the more light Humanity receives, the more darkness is encouraged to be released. Team dark are sure doing their best to make life more difficult for everyone. They have nothing more to lose, after being ordered to exit this game, so are pushing everyone to their limit… to see who they can persuade to give up on themself… their true Sovereign self!


Earth & Humanity is now free to create a life of unity & harmony…


It is helpful to understand how Team Dark are being taken out of the Game, as the contract of war (if you will) ended and Earth is now truly free to bring in a life of unity and harmony… by using their power of manifestation! What we see around us now are the remnants of darkness who still want to win, before their demise, taking as many Humans with them as they can!


So you can imagine, now more than ever it is essential to stand firm and anchor deep within yourself. To be courageous and brave, to take care of yourself first, following your own guidance and trusting your dream is unfolding for you to experience your happy ending!

It is also helpful for each of us to feel into the original illusion of separation and remember we chose to experience separation in order to know ourself in all the opposites and contrasts of life… with the intention of leading ourself back to consciously knowing the truth of our Sovereign immortality and oneness.


As we remember the truth and experience our ah ha moments… consciousness expands and we not only inspire ourselves to never give up and march on… but everyone around us. Our awakening or realisation affects all Humanity!


Since the illusion of our fall from grace began… our collective journey has been long and tough! We’ve believed so deeply in the fear of death and loss and being alone. We’ve felt lost, felt we’ve lost part of ourself and the emptiness we feel finds no remedy! We all have to go through this, feel this, feel the loss and the death of everything, to feel our inner victim and the outer control… and then… in feeling the absence of oneness, we remember the truth of our true oneness, remembering how the illusion has served us… to come to this moment of ah ha… of realisation!


This time now we are experiencing is the last chance for Humanity to perceive the illusion and remember the truth of their Sovereignty.

To help myself and others journey through this time the best we can, I share my quiet me time with the conscious breath online… available live and on replay in our NewEarth Facebook group and my Youtube channel. Please keep in mind I channel my own multi-dimensional self… so information coming in can be a little here and there and a little different than my normal edited writing… the Divine love is here though and will open your heart and soul, even if your mind needs time to think!

Below is one of my recent sessions, hope you enjoy and it helps you remain courageous and well as you journey through your Awakening and Ascension and fully come into your own Sovereign Oneness! I’ve written out the transcript (with a few edits!) followed by the video. Enjoy.


Coming into Your Sovereign Oneness…


It is so essential you become conscious of your breath, breathing in the life you are, breathing in the nourishing energies, the oxygen and crystalline atoms that are now naturally helping you transform your Body, Mind & Spirit. Pushing your tummy out upon the in breath brings your focus down to the core of you. Taking your tension and busy-ness away from the mind and chest. Breathing out all your tensions and concerns.


What’s going on…


We are all going through a great transformative time as Humanity evolve consciousness. We expand our consciousness, our awareness, from the very narrow-minded view point of only seeing what is in front of us, to being able to see what is happening in the background too. Sensing the bigger picture playing. Perceiving the Game played. So what is helping us transform is the light we are breathing in, the crystalline light.

Sneezing and sniffling is a side affect or symptom from receiving the gamma and crystalline light that is physically changing our physical being. Changing our biology, changing the whole workings of our system of body, mind and spirit. Changing it from carbon based to crystalline.


We are used to calling this an allergy or a cold, part of an infection or illness. I like to stay away from labelling it and call it a cleansing. A symptom of receiving the extreme light we are all receiving now. The light comes in and this is a way we release everything that no longer serves after it’s done its job… that is happening quite naturally. We don’t have to think about what’s happening. All we have to do is breathe, receive the breath and release the tension.


We can also get itchy skin, red itchy rashes… from the radiation that is filling our bodies. I take antihistamine to help take the edge off the intense itching and irritation!


Conscious Breathing is the Solution…


Just breathing and knowing every time you breathe in you are receiving the light, it seems to be from out there but it all comes from the central sun within you. Beautiful nourishment, crystalline atoms within the light, naturally coming in to restructure your carbon biology. What it does on the physical level is create physical contact with your cells and causes any trapped energetic trauma, fear, memories held there to be released. When they are released you will feel them come up as a mental remembering of something, an emotion or memory… mostly traumatic feelings. It’s important you embrace it, accept it, welcome it home and allow it to be released through your out breath. Rather than remain trapped in a victim or poor me mode, as this will only drive you deeper into trauma, depression and disease.


Breathing is so important! Bringing in the high light frequencies that are changing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup. Releasing everything that no longer serves us. Allowing ourselves to move on and embody our Divinity. Allowing our Body, Mind and Spirit to come together in a harmonious alignment. Once we are one, we are so powerful. Yes did you read that. You are so powerful. When you the Human, body and mind is one with your spirit, your Divine self, love, god or consciousness… whatever name you like to use is when you step into your true power and this will get you or take anywhere you desire. It is when the magic and miracles begin to happen.


We have to watch as our fears are released, rather than get stuck in this fear, panic, concern, the falling away of everything you know. Maybe you are physically going through having to find a new job, home, relationship. Things weren’t working for you anymore and everything has been disrupted in your life…. literally falling away! This is all happening for you to come together in a new way. Getting rid of everything that no longer serves you. We are all coming into our own Sovereign oneness. It’s important that we feel this.


An old view, to describe this happening, coming into a new oneness, could be to be lonely alone. It might look like… IAM here alone, and that’s right because we need to go through this, to feel through this experience of being separate, to sit with ourself and be ok about it. When we don’t accept what’s happening and make it a problem, when we remain feeling a victim or poor me, we cannot release the feeling and our life will only remain a problem and we won’t feel well at all.


So it is essential you catch yourself when you feel anxious, fearful, alone, panicky… love this part of your past experience, for this is only what it is, just experience needing to be released! Keep catching yourself, stay on top of it. Oh yes, IAM alone, talking to myself, relying on myself… it’s all part of coming into my own new Sovereign Oneness! It doesn’t define or label you. Remember, you are an infinite Divine Human being, born sovereign and free to live a life of magnificence.


Sometimes even in a relationship there are times we need to be alone, talk with ourself, to rely on ourself. We need to be independant within our relationship. This experience of being alone is all about learning to be ok being alone, connecting deeply within and knowing our next move, our next question and answer.. rather than relying on another.


We are coming back to our own powerful oneness. We don’t need anyone else as we are self-sufficient… we’ve not been taught this! Of course it’s nice to be with others, to help each other., but it’s time for us all to come back to ourself first, to reclaim our power and birth ourself anew. We know what is best for ourself in every moment. Not even the doctors know. We need to begin following our own inner knowing and guidance.


We are being guided to be ok being on our own, it’s part of the deal now. On the other hand, other people have no right to make you do anything that you don’t want to do. Your No and I do not consent has to be enough. In the coming days, months we must all stand up for what is good for ourself. We must choose how we want to live our life. Yes knowing the consequences… knowing we’ll be ok, knowing we have likeminded friends, going through similar times, to be with now and again. It’s time to be courageous.



An Inner Journey… Allowing your Colours to help you be Courageous …


Give your permission to yourself to be ok being and feeling alone, for coming into your oneness, that might be quite new and frightening. Feel the fear, and know you’re ok, you are loved by others and can call on them. This could be the dark night of the soul where we must face the dread, no-one is there for us, only us. Give permission to yourself to feel this dread of being alone and be ok. Breathe it in.


Now allow all the colours of the rainbow to show themself to you.


See the colour red… the vibrant red… it is a quality of you that has two extremes, passion, assertiveness and action and the opposite of danger, if necessary you can defend yourself. Say no! Breathe it in, allow yourself to be all these qualities, and fill your whole body with the colour. Feel this passion and danger of you, this courage and bravery.

See the colour orange… see the vibrant orange another quality of you, the colour for you to be able to choose in each moment how you are going to step into life. Whatever you choose is ok, its your choice. A great quality you always own. Breathe in this colour into your whole body. Feel this quality of being free to choose… mixing with your red colour.


See the colour yellow… see the vibrant yellow filling your whole body. Seeing this colour as the space in-between everything. The colour of light and sand and everything you are is filled with this bright vibrant quality that allows you to be together with everything. It glues you together with everything. It feels like a colour that holds you together, grounds you, supports you. Allowing it to mix with your other colours together the quality strengthen you. Breathing it in.


See the colour green… the colour of nature, of everything natural, of flow. Breathing it in, filling your whole body with this vibrant colour, a quality that allows you to naturally know in each moment what to do. You are nature itself. Feel it and be the flow.


See the blue colour… mixing it with all the other colours… this is the colour which balances you, keeping you cool, your cool. The colour of the ocean and the sky. Breathing it all in. Allowing yourself to be balanced, cool and clear in everything you do.


Seeing the purple/pink colours… breathing it into your whole body. allowing it to mix with the others and seeing the quality it is for you. Feeling what it means for you. For me it is the totality of me knowing the beginning and the end of everything. Feeling perfect in my imperfection. It is the colour to go to for comfort, for joy, to play and have fun with… and to know absolutely what I need to do next.


Feeling your whole body now as you breathe in the mixture of the colours, all the qualities of you that will sustain you in your oneness. Whatever you go through you can rely on these qualities. Relying on the answers. Practise seeing the colours, talk to them and allow them to serve you.


Allowing the natural integration of your oneness to happen, knowing you are guiding yourself on a new adventure.


Remembering your total alignment of body, mind and spirit.



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