Costa Women Meet … Adele Benfatto

Selling up, moving to a new country without visiting?  Sounds a little crazy, but so grateful she did is Adele Benfatto.  And her business has blossomed too!


Why Spain?

I have lived in many countries, and traveled a lot, but I have never been to Spain in my Life! My Husband is French and been living in Cape Town with me which is where I’m from. We thought it was time to live in EU but he didn’t want to live in France and we heard the weather is always good in Spain. So we packed up our lives, sold all we could, packed 2 suitcases and a 120kg box of stuff, booked 1 way tickets and flew to Malaga. 3 years later, I’m in love with this place! I wake up each day with gratitude! My Husband and I are Lifestyle Coaches, so we are very busy, especially now with Covid. We work in partnership with a Psychiatrist based in New York, training his patients. I also built an Online workout Platform with 9 coaches, offering Live workouts via Zoom. So I’m having a lot of Fun and loving changing lives each day.


Where are you based in Spain?

I’m in Mijas Costa, Calahonda. Love Calahonda because it’s in the middle of Marbella and Fuengerola. So we have the best of both worlds. And it’s completely english here, sometimes I forget I live in Spain 🙂


Did you experience any challenges moving to Spain?

No challenges – I think it was mean to be! Things were super easy, and we went straight to AXA to do all our papers and Residency. I got mine within 3 months!


How do you spend your days?

As I’m into fitness and training, I have my own workout at MAX FITNESS each day.  I keep myself busy with my Online Coaching, with my 6 coaches, all based in Spain, so I am offering them a little extra income, and also other Online Businesses, all around Fitness and Body Transformation. I also teamed up with 2 other experts, one a mindset coach, and another a Nutritional Therapist, so together we have built an Online Coaches Business.


Something you are grateful for during these Covid days?

For sure Covid has been a crazy time for us, as it has given us all our new business opportunities as well as offering online work opportunities for other coaches who are struggling.


If you arranged a dinner party who would you invite?

I’m very bad at this as I never, ever do dinner parties!


What is your secret weapon or accomplishment?
Being Relentless for sure!
One thing you had to bring with you to Spain and could never give away and why?
I’m not a materialist – so easy to walk away from all or to give away 🙂
The one thing you are most looking forward to when restrictions are relaxed?
Just the freedom to travel and to build our other businesses waiting for us in NY
Something you would tell your younger self?
Stop being afraid, shy and insecure because everyone else feels the same!
Where can we find out more?
Thank you Adele!
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