Costa Women Meet … Jane McAulay

Meet Jane McAulay who has travelled from her former life in Hong Kong to arrive during Covid in Olvera.  Jane is looking forward to using her superpower to fill her days!


Hello Jane!  Why Spain? 

It’s really long. But here’s as short as possible. I lived and worked in Hong Kong for over 20 years. – where I met my second husband. For us it was becoming too expensive. Roll in Brexit… Our house of 14 years was in Italy and we wouldn’t be able to spend enough time there without residency. After loads of research including discussions with lawyers and accountants, Italy was looking increasingly difficult in terms of work, taxes and residency. Spain ticked more boxes. I’d been on holiday to Andalucia once when I was younger and just loved it. We left HK and packed all our belongings before knowing where we would live or if we’d get residency. We now have a little house in a friendly Olvera Street…


Where are you based? 

Olvera is small enough to meet people yet large enough to have many amenities. It is stunningly beautiful. The town is managed well and there is always help.


What was the biggest challenge for your move and how did you overcome it?

There were hundreds of challenges. Probably organizing a shipment for an unknown destination plus throw in Covid was one of the biggest. Breathe in, and out. Then one tiny step at a time…


How do you spend your days?

Trying to juggle fixing house, unpacking, remarketing and reengineering our private investigations business for a post Covid workplace and getting my art studio workable. Last week got back into art for first time in nearly 10 months. Am combining it with some creative writing. Trying to make some freetime to enjoy this beautiful town and of course learn Spanish.


Something you have achieved or are grateful for during these Covid days

Grateful to have been allowed on the plane from Hong Kong to fly to Europe. It just about didn’t happen. Grateful just have to be on the cusp of getting settled.


If you arranged a dinner party with your favourite people who would you invite? 

Difficult. Have thought about this a lot and it changes constantly. Here are a few: my mum, aunt and cousin, my best friend, good friends I’ve not seen in years, a few art mentors and a few online art friends. Famous people – Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey, Rick Stein, Picasso, Matisse, Andrew Graham Dixon, Edith Piaf, Hugh Jackman, Bill Clinton, J K Rowling, Helen Frankentherler and Amanda Gorman. Whew… Lol


One thing you had to bring with you to Spain and could never give away and why?

A Portuguese piece of pottery which was the last present I had from Mum and Dad before Dad passed.


Favourite childhood book and why?

Little Women. The strength of the female characters.


The one thing you are most looking forward to when restrictions are relaxed?

A settled, normal life with lots of sightseeing.

What is your secret weapon or accomplishment?



Where can we find out more? 

Website under construction. Follow me on Instagram @janemcaulayart


Thank you Jane!


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