Costa Women Meet … Nana Norrbom

– Hello Nana – you moved for love from Denmark to Fuengirola; tell us more!


In 1997 I came to Spain as I met my husband here. He is Danish too and had already lived here for 10 years so I decided to give Spain (and Martin) a chance; I haven’t regretted it at all!


– Before Spain you were…


In Denmark I worked as a beautician in Copenhagen. I trained new beauticians in the Cidesco International School.


– And now you have a shop in Fuengirola – what would we find there?


My new shop “Boutique Diva” offers you find high quality lingerie and home-wear etc. I specialise in offering all sizes.

I still work as a beautician too and offer permanent make-up from the same shop. I have been working with permanent make-up for 19 years and have many customers for that field too. I wanted to add the lingerie last year because I always myself bought brands and many of my customers couldn’t find anything here in Spain.


– Women are quite shy about buying the right sized underwear – do you have any tips?


Be careful not to buy bras in the wrong size because it will not feel comfortable and look nice under your clothes. We recommend everybody to have a fitting in the shop so we can advise about size and style.


– What are the swimwear fashions for next year?


Next swimwear collection arrives in December 2016 and January 2017. Its colours and flowers mainly, but also more classic looks. Bras’ are with and without padding and briefs come in three shapes. In addition there will also be one-piece swimsuits.


– And permanent make-up – tell us more?


Permanent make-up is in my heart! I love doing the process and the finished result. A happy Customer makes my day. The system I use is German and called Goldeneye. It is a high quality system with no allergic reactions etc. I recommend new customers to have a free consultation before deciding and booking.


– Any advice for Women looking at starting their business in Spain?


I just jumped straight into starting my own business 19 years ago. I prefer to be self-employed and make all the decisions. Find your product or field and believe in it. Advertise a lot, it makes a big difference. Ask for help if you need it in the process. Many foreigners are self-employed and can help out.


– More about Nana – when you aren’t working what do you love doing?


Spending time with my family – 2 children, Cecilia 12 years old and Victor 16 years old, 2 dogs and my husband. I love seeing friends for dinners, reading a good book. I walk a lot with my husband and our 2 dogs.


– What is one thing you will achieve this winter?


To make my lingerie shop even better by offering new things to include special bras and prosthesis for Women who have breast cancer.


– Something you would tell your teenage self?


Take it easy, you will be an adult soon enough! Enjoy your childhood. Embrace your look and figure; it will never get better than when you are young. Don’t sunbathe too much – look after your skin!


– Life would be much simplier if….


People treat each other nicely and helped each other.


– Where can we find your shop?


My shop is in Calle Maestra Angeles, Edificio Navas II, Fuengirola

Facebook: Boutique Diva

Instagram: Boutique Diva Fuengirola

Thank you Nana