Costa Women Meet … Natalia Geiger

In our latest interview with a member of, I talk to Natalia Geiger, a self-confessed nature lover and an adventuress of life. She loves to laugh, learn and connect with others through authentic heart-centred conversations. Natalia is a Professional Transpersonal Coach who partners with individuals and leaders who want to live and work from a higher level of consciousness, with greater courage, authenticity, fulfilment and efficiency.


“We have the ability to change what we believe and by changing our beliefs, our entire life changes” – Natalia Geiger


Natalia, when did your business journey start?

About 6 years ago, from home (since I had to be laying down most of the time). This was before I officially trained to become a coach.

I believe that everything in life is an experience that is helping us to grow and evolve, as individuals and as a species. In my particular case, certain experiences led me to know suffering well and, thanks to that, I discovered this great truth” – there was a time when things fell apart for you.  

“Yes, the experiences I had showed me how to access our creative power, how to strengthen our inner resources and how the key to creating what we want lies in shifting from victim to owning our inner power and choosing how we relate to the current circumstances we are living.”

To find out more about Natalia’s story, watch the interview



How have you transformed your life now?

Well, my life now is very fulfilling and I feel on purpose. I love what I do for a living and I get to live in a beautiful place that allows me to enjoy a high quality of life, spending lots of time in nature.


What does happiness mean to you?

fulfillment, inner peace, moments of joy, knowing how to navigate the unpleasantness of life and being fully present open to embrace what is in this moment.


Who, or what is your main source of inspiration for happiness and why?

My Mother.  I watched her begin to wake up and do her inner work, and seeing the changes in her inspired me to begin to look deeply at my own self.


One thing you will achieve in 2019

Work with leaders and teams in Spain.


Do you have a superpower and if so what is it?

My ability to see when someone is not honouring their essence, heart desire and to inspire them to make the shift.


What would be your advice to the younger you?

Every experience you will have will be necessary for your evolution of consciousness.You’ll know it the one you need, because its the one you’re having. It all perfect. you can relax and trust.


I am waving my magic make it happen wand – what dream are you daydreaming about?

I spread my conscious leadership work in spain, contributing to more awakened, and more effective workplaces. 


What’s your preferred method of connecting with you?

Through my website and social media found at


‘The darkness is simply the absence of light and the light of love illuminates even the darkest cave”

– Natalia Geiger –