Costa Women Projects…

Our book “Costa Woman – Diversity Meets Creativity” is coming along rather nicely.  Indeed we are running a bit behind schedule, but completion is always better late than never.  The book will be available in both paperback and e-book, if like me you happen to appreciate holding a book in the hand and turning he pages one by one.

I have been very pleased with the input by members regarding this project and their excitement to get involved.  It becomes very rewarding to see joint ventures begin and complete.  Furthermore, more me this project has been even more interesting because I have been able to keep everything within the walls of Costa Women, as the publisher, the illustrator and the artist designing and creating the front cover are all Costa Women members, no third parties were needed.  Costa Women is home to so many talented women who have their fingers in different pies, that most things one is looking for, it can be found within the walls of CW.

I am currently working with three CW members to have their vocals along with mine placed on a single entitled “Nosotras Costa Women”, which I wrote with my definition of this group.  The first rehearsal has been fun and have another one scheduled for next week.  The song is upbeat with a Spanish feel to it, and it has been another fun project to initiate and work on.  It will be available soon, with near future projects of music videos and live performances to follow.

I am looking forward to the “Inspirational You” event taking place this Friday March 22nd in Marbella.  More news to come in with links when the book is available in all channels.