Getting ready to return to study

I spent one lunch hour last week (just in case my boss reads this) searching for an on-line CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course as my existing teaching qualification (Cert Ed) is not recognised for teaching in Spain.

An on-line course course is one option for me, as I work such long hours and its unlikely Id get study leave for a course not linked to my current profession (also in case my boss reads this).

Although on-line CELTA obviously means  home study I will still need 16 hours teaching practise so centre location is important. And my 16 million teaching hours already delivered won’t count!

The Cambridge University website helpfully lists centres which offer CELTA by county but unfortunately there are none in Kent.  So as I work in Lewisham, London is my obvious second choice.

There are three centres in London that deliver on-line CELTA with differing costs

  • Islington College – Finsbury Park                             £900    12 weeks
  • International House – Convent Garden                  £1522  13 weeks
  • Language Link – Hammersmith                               £1195  13 weeks

Another option is waiting (which I’m not very good at) until next September, a whole 6 months for the new academic year to start – there are part -time courses available for about £600.

This last option is the most sensible one and the one I’ve decided to take. So, what to do in the meantime? Chris and I have a number of apps on our phone’s for Spanish vocabulary and I really want to drive.  I’m going to dedicate the next 6 months to learning to drive and improving my very basic Spanish….¡deséame suerte!