You Are Beautiful

When we capture a beautiful moment in a sunset, in the fragrant notes of a summer rose, in the radiant expression of a blooming Lilly, or in experiencing a random act of kindness, we feel the presence of beauty in our heart. This is because beauty is our essence. It is not something you necessarily see, it is what you feel within, life simply mirrors the state of our soul, when we are open to this perception.

We can choose to see life as ugly or beautiful, as painful or experiential, as fearful or exciting. What we choose to see, is founded on what we believe about ourselves. If we wish to experience the beauty in life, the first place look is within. Beauty rests peacefully in a place beyond fear and doubt, underneath anger and pain, and beyond terror and trauma. Beauty exists at the very core of our being. It does not matter what feeling you are having right now, or what belief you are holding about yourself, or about life, because if you wish to experience beauty in this moment, you can choose to look for something beautiful in life that touches your heart. It may exist outside in the garden, it may ripple across the surface of still waters, you may hear it in the laughter of a child, you may feel it as the kiss of the sun warms your cheeks, and you might just find it in a memory or a dream. Beauty exists everywhere, so that despite the challenges of life you never forget who and what you really are.

Copyright Antonia Behan 2012