De-clutter made easy!

Question: How to have a simple and well-run life in a high-tech complicated age – is this possible?   Yes, it is! Through easy steps taken at your own speed, you can create the framework to bring your life and that of your family to run more smoothly.

Clutter is something that weighs us all down,  so let’s see how to eliminate clutter whatever your age and situation.

There appear to be many gurus and so-called right and wrong ways of attacking clutter.   There is only one way – get motivated and do it!   I will help you!

So, today choose one area and find 5 items to clear, donate, sell or give away. Then repeat choosing 5 items until you wish to stop.  I suggest that you stop every 20 or 30 minutes for a stretch and chill with a cup of tea, coffee or whatever you have nearby and then make a time to start the next day and please keep your appointment!

1. Kitchen:  Check the dates on every item including tins, herbs, and spices.  How many pots and pans do you actually need? Donate the excess.

2. Clothes:  Check for repairs and do them.  Try everything on and you will be surprised at how many pieces you do not like, do not fit,  or a colour that is no longer showing the real you.   And no! – You will never fit into that little black number you wore when you were 18 ever!    (However, brilliant if you can!)

3. Underwear:  Your body changes and your favourite items may have seen better days, so get rid of all your “Bridget Jones big knickers’, bras that don’t fit and that goes for all the sexy underwear that makes you feel anything but!

3. Bags:  My downfall! I still have far too many, but this proves I am still human!  A nice bag and (non-matching) shoes change an outfit immediately and really stretches your wardrobe.  However, if you have not used a bag in the last year maybe it is time to say ‘adios bolsa’ and ‘hola’ to donate or sell.

4. Shoes:  Another downfall of mine! Through time, feet seem to swell up, hurt through years of pointed toes and killer heels and your feet start complaining. So time to make a shoe cull and keep the pairs that you like and enjoy wearing.   If you have amazing shoes that you can’t wear,  either donate or sell.  Alternatively, make a wall shoe decoration that you found on Pinterest.  A win-win situation.

5. Bathroom: So how many different lotions and potions do you use?   How many are out of date?  When you buy items they normally show how long they will last after opening – this is normally found on the bottom left-hand corner on the back of the item (or on the box).  Half used, creams, shampoos, and general make-up can be donated to a local hospice. 

So, let me know your problems and your progress and we can support each other from there.  Before and after photos would be great to inspire………..