Age Care – We never close!

AGE CARE – WEEK 4 05/04/2020

We are by nature a social group, it is, therefore, imperative that, when in confinement, we are stimulated mentally and physically. 

Age Care continue to respond to this need by the regular telephone calling, twice weekly bulletins (Tuesdays and Thursdays to correspond with the coffee mornings) with updates, jokes and recipes, and now an established video link, (also Tuesdays and Thursdays) where people can talk to, and see their friends from Age Care – we have yet to develop the regular dominoes games on line which so many miss!

Age Care is part of the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Group, and we continue to offer our services to these vulnerable people with shopping, pharmacy trips and  hospital appointments.  

We have a Client Information Volunteer on our team, who is in regular contact with the La Cala Health Clinic, and is able to send us all the latest information regarding contact telephone numbers as and when they are announced (sometimes even before!). Also making appointments and helping to clarify various legal and technical issues that are in Spanish.

Age Care’s motto is “we never close” and our emergency help line 635 407 255 is open 24/7 is testament to this.


5 thoughts on “Age Care – We never close!”

  1. Sarina Sakhuja

    Are you accepting donations of food to your more vulnerable members or hospitals? Our local Panederia, in Benahavis, is a Dutch bakery providing hot meals and bread, and I'm happy to arrange for meals and deliver if necessary. Please let me know if that is helpful?

    Kind regards,

  2. Lesley Berridge

    Thank you for this wonderful offer. I will come back to you shortly.You do not happen to have a Panederia in the Calahonda area? Lesley

  3. Sarina Sakhuja

    Hi Lesley. In Calahonda, no. However it's easy enough to transport the food from Benahavis to Calahonda.

  4. Lesley Berridge

    Sarina Please phone me: 696058954. We are thrilled and so are our clients. Lesley

  5. Hi Lesley,
    Just read about your age care ass., sounds great! Do you still need volunteers to do the calls/bulletins/video activities? Please answer directly to Thank you.

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