Discover your Greatest Fear & set yourself Free…

I’ve become quite an expert on Awakening, Integration, Ascension and Embodied Realisation. It’s a new adventure, a new journey I began after I chose to step out of the fear and drama of physical reality and focus on loving myself and my life. It’s been a time of exploration and discovering my true essence, of understanding and releasing the untruths of life enabling me to live happily and passionately… celebrating life as me, my magnificent self!


My life has never been about me saving the world, healing another, performing the next miracle or becoming popular and famous… as this is really not what this personal and unique ascension journey is all about. It’s about exploring, sensational experience, discovering how you are the Master and Creator, excited to create a new harmonious world from within.


My passion and mission runs deep… it is what drives me to write and paint … to inspire and support Humanity, sharing my experience at this great time of transformation. A time and opportunity for everyone to choose to rise above the dense and fear based reality and embrace a new multi-sensual reality of unity, love and freedom.


This journey of Ascension is a most natural and magnificent happening, it is consciousness expanding to embrace the truth of our origins, to know who we truly are, what life is all about and what our next step now is.


It’s not at all an easy journey, but you know you can’t turn back and one you have to complete! Many of my Divine brothers and sisters and I have tirelessly walked deep, opening ourselves up to receive our individual light and release ancestral fears and untruths which has allowed us to anchor a new energy consciousness on Earth these last 20 years and make your journey more bearable, one to walk with your head held high in all ease and grace.


You will recognise us waving to you from the side walks, encouraging you to choose for yourself and take on this journey of great change.. We know it can be done, we did it and so can you.


One heart at a time you are joining us, standing together with us saying No more… No more suffering, injustice, domination, greed and limitation. You are allowing your heart to open and realise you are part of something powerful, something magnificent AND when you listen to your conscious breath and gentle voice within you feel the love oozing up from deep within your core and begin to understand what your next step is, how life serves and doesn’t serve you and how your dreams can all now come true.


I’d like to share my story, discovering my greatest fear and how it set me free…

I’ve always been aware of how important the outside world is in my life. How the outside world held the answer to my greatest fear… that kept my happiness away.


For a long time I didn’t understand how to go about discovering the answer, even when people pointed for me to go within! I didn’t seem to really believe an answer could be there and I continued to focus on the outside world and you can guess, as I delved deeper into the game of me vs them and them vs me, my sense of being powerful in my own right sank further away.


My whole focus was out there… on people who knew best, could endorse me, connect me to others, to positions… all for me to be a success and survive in this competitive, limited and often violent Environment.


AND I was never happy!


Deep down, I knew there was more to life and myself and one day, tired of feeling unhappy… I allowed myself to sit with this knowingness. Sitting quietly and breathing, feeling into my unhappiness and asking myself how on earth can I be happy?


I understood quite clearly I had to come back to myself, to spend time with myself, putting myself first and loving everything about myself. Loving everything bad, negative and fearful about myself too. It wasn’t about analysing myself, but just allowing myself to feel everything. It was time to become my own best friend, spirit guide and doctor. I knew, I knew the answer to my question and with perseverance it wasn’t long before the answer flooded into my consciousness.


My greatest fear was being a failure and imperfect in the eyes of another.


Sensing this to be true, more information was revealed and the whole puzzle came together and the truth began to set me free.


For generations we have walked in the shoes of our ancestors, from our ancient ancestors who first lived together in tribes. Who had forgotten their true origin as light, consciousness and wholeness. Survival and reproduction became their only priority, they did whatever it took to stay alive, to have the best mate, the best position, to fit in and be liked… staying close and attached to each other. Their feeling of incompleteness drove them to search outside of themselves for wholeness and perfection.


It all began to make sense, how my whole Human life had been based on a lie. Not only me but most people feared the loss of themselves and another. Everyone worked hard to be the best, the most important and successful… going into competition with each other to receive the most… and yet needing to be with each other for company, for survival!


My self-worth, value and self-esteem had all been built upon this false belief of being incomplete, lacking and mortal, driving me to find approval and recognition from others. I was afraid of failing and not being perfect in the eyes of another. I was afraid of being cast out to survive on my own! AND yes, I feared my own death, because that meant I was weak, not good enough and failed at living! Fearing the death of others too because I was attached and dependent.


Does my story resonate with you?


We may have all forgotten we are Divine beings of consciousness in Human form… but our sovereign spirit has never forsaken us and if we take the time to be with ourselves and listen, we will indeed feel the inner guidance waiting to help us remember the truth of our Body/Mind imprisonment and discover our wholeness, passion and freedom.


It means you have to be there for yourself, observe yourself, love yourself like no other! Discover your fears and you will set yourself free… to once again come together with others in a new way, in unity and freedom, honouring each other’s differences, talents and qualities and enjoy true companionship.


For me the fear of death was a big one, until I realised IAM infinite Divine light having a temporary experience in a Human body AND being so powerful, we can choose not to suffer. Maybe soon we can allow ourselves to consciously choose when to die in a most natural and loving way.

I have felt my father’s recent passing deeply, my heavy physical heart broken open, but rather than getting caught up in the emotional spiral of sorrow and grief, which believe me is so easy to do, I have allowed myself to feel into my broken heart and felt a slow and powerful eruption of love pouring out from within.


I know for sure that the love of our loved one’s in passing over, breaks down or melts away the walls of fears and untruth we have built up during our Human experience of suffering and struggle. So I thank you Dad for loving me so much, for helping me free more deep and ancient fears, untruths and encouraging my path of self-realisation.


My Dad had a good death, suddenly and peacefully passing over at the grand age of 85, but what about the young, the ill, the suffering, the accidents? However our loved ones die, we will continue to feel the pain and sorrow until we chose to stop playing the victim and chose instead to live fearlessly as the loving Divine Human Being each truly is.

We can remember to appreciate everyones gift of love in our life, whether short or long lived, being grateful for their role… mother, father, daughter, son, wife, husband, their unique journey of experience… celebrating them in life and in death, knowing their magnificent flame of consciousness is venturing beyond the physical on a new adventure.


Let us each allow ourselves to remember our origins and treat death as the transformation it truly is. Understanding this change chosen (unconsciously for now) to leave this physical dimension for another and celebrate the gift we all are for each other, expanding our consciousness, breaking free of restraints and living a joyful life together.


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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When you take the time to look around our society today, you can sense just how deep fear and lack has festered. The body and mind has become chronically ill, death is rampant… all because we have completely lost sight of the essence of love, consciousness, spirit each truly is.