Do You feel Like Quitting?

Oftentimes the road you are taking feels all uphill.  In fact, it feels like a battle you cannot win.  You are exhausted, confused, and want to be left alone.  Does this sound familiar?

Is it time to rest?

Is it time to reflect?

Is it time to analyze?

Is it time to talk it out?

Or is it simply time to quit?

There is NO wrong answer, you know.  All the answers are right for you and they are meant to guide you as to what to do next.

In a perfect world you would have all the answers, but then, where is the challenge?  Would you be bored?


  • Are you feeling resistance in doing something you used to love doing?
  • Is getting-up from bed more of a chore than a joy.
  • Are you no longer counting your blessings?
  • Do you seem to forget what all is right with your life?
  • Do you tend to focus more on what you don’t have than what you do have?
  • Are you complaining more than usual, even if to self, only?
  • Do you feel in “lack” rather than “abundance?”

The good news is that this is all perfectly normal because after all, you are human.  If you felt completely satisfied all the time, there will be no contrast to your life, therefore, there will be no appreciation; and without appreciation, you would be existing, not living; and you are here to live a life well-lived.

I want to make the distinction that quitting is very different from giving-up.

Quitting may simply signal that it is time for a major shift; while giving-up means walking away from it all; which also sometimes you have to do.  Isn’t it fun this thing we call Life?  Contrary to popular belief, quitting is an option, and not necessarily a bad one.  Quitting a bad marriage or an abusive relationship is a great option, and the results better for you than the alternative.

Understand that this is a normal process calling for you to make immediate changes.  Do not ignore it.  The little voice inside of you won’t go away, and that is a good thing.  Your instincts are looking out for you. 

Learn to TRUST your instincts and by all means, follow your Intuition.  It is your best friend because it knows you like no other.


  • Clarify area of discontent.
  • Pinpoint it until it is crystal clear in your mind the specific area that is moving you to want to quit.  Sometimes it may be a “something” sometimes it may be a “someone” and sometimes it may be both!
  • Evaluate how deep your dissatisfaction is.
  • Consider the pros and the cons of the present situation.
  • Remember you are always in charge about how you feel towards situations, circumstances and people.  Feelings CAN be changed.


·        Make a list of your alternatives before you make a final decision.

·        Be sure there are more pros than cons at the end of your list.

  • Create a plan B, and a C, and a D. and an E for Exit!  You get the idea.
  • Remember quitting is an option towards something better.
  • Act only when you are cool, calm and collected.
  • Think about the lessons learned from all of this and yes, write them down.
  • Think about what you are about to gain once you move in a different direction.
  • Consider who all will be affected by your decision; however, put yourself up-front and center above all things.  This life is about YOU.
  • Talk to trusted advisors and close friends to help you identify issues, and be supportive during this transition period.
  • Remember you are NOT ALONE.  This is not the time to be shy about asking for HELP friends, family, and your group of life-lines
  • Be mindful that you are in TRANSITION, and as such, it is a process. 
  • Once you’ve made-up your mind to move forward with your plans, stick to it, and do not look back.
  • And no matter what, ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL!

    Much love and success,

    Ali R. Rodriguez
    International Business coach,

  • Passionista Leader and
  • Intuitive Activist

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  1. Hope you all enjoy reading this post, and remember that there are always alternatives, and quitting is an option that can save your life.

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