Do You Love Being a Champion?

There are fundamental issues that shape the life of a champion-to-be; and it has neither specific age nor boundaries, nor physical Amazon like-built, but a lot of heart, passion, intellect, physicality, emotions, and lots and lots of “Intuition.”

For some folks, the energies are amazing, and for others, they are extremely challenging, and yet, they get ready to run the Marathon or Olympiads of their lives, and once you taste the sweet and sometimes bitter flavor of Championship…there is no going back.

Notice this is NOT about winning; it is not even about the physical Marathon running, it is about creating a goal, and deciding what that goal will make of YOU, and that becomes the real deal!!!! – This will move you so deeply, you will take off running, deep into your soul, from here to……..(You decide, you are in charge!)

Are you ready for the finish line?

What’s the difference?

There are goals, and then, there are objectives. Is there a difference? You bet there is!

A Goal is what you “hope” to achieve, an “Objective” is a series of deliberate steps that helps you achieve your “Goal.”

Objectives help you realize that “failure” is NOT an option and aiming to win creates a frantic, accelerating and absolutely delicious and inebriating state of mind.

A Goal carries a very clear picture as to what you want that goal to make of you, and not what you want to make of the goal. A Goal is always about you, your personal development, professional evolution, and money making ability. Family ties, community affairs and eternal legacy, are a few by-products of Goals. And believe me when I tell you, that Goals are always connected to “the” what…that makes you tick; and that is a great thing for you to see, understand, and above all, “realize.”


• Your strengths.
• Your weakness.
• Your talents.
• Your physical location.
• Where would you shine your brightest?


• Triumph.
• Failure. (Yes, failure, just like triumph, is an option; and yet, that is the one that you never want to exercise!)
• Choosing to be Alive by doing things that will add life to your years; and not necessarily, years to your life.
• Learning to enjoy WHO you are. (Caching, adding LIFE!)
• Knowing that the best part of you is simply being, the best YOU, you can possibly be. (Of course, share your wisdom with others)


• What winning circumstances show up for you each and every day? (Write them down!!!)
• Who do you have to help you see them, seize them, asses them, and create action steps for you to aim towards your greatest good?
• What benefits do you impart onto others for having YOU in their lives?
• What particular accolade do you hear others say about you and what are you doing to OWN it?
• Once owned, do you know how to make yourself highly VISIBLE and make the best out of amazing business opportunities that come your way?


• Decide to decide that you are indeed a Champion!!!
• Embrace the concept, even when you think, that’s not really you….. (Yet!)
• Get enthusiastic about it.
• Know that you have been chosen and you must answer your calling.
• Surround yourself with other “Champions.” They will be the only ones to understand your own internal growth and they will recognize you as one of their own, immediately! They will fully understand your dreams, your nightmares, your inner peace, and your inner wars, your vacillation, your resolutions, your anxieties, your radical decisions, and your inner Championship! Above all, they will respect you and treat you for the Champion that you are!
• Be bold, resolute and ambitious.
• Don’t let anything hold you back.
• Document your evolution and beautiful transformation as you move along the intense training, to conquer, enjoy and win…..The Olympics of your Life!

You are: “The Number One, Triumphant Champion!!!” (You did it after all.)

A life well-lived, is a life ready to be celebrated, and as such, let’s get together and raise our glasses to you because YOU are……simply amazing!

Much Love,