Public speaking is dangerous!

Did you know that the fear of public speaking is related to the fear of rejection, and that the ancient part of us knows that to be rejected from ‘the tribe’ is to place ourselves in potential danger?  So, you can see it’s understandable to feel the way we do about standing up and exposing our thoughts and feelings to a group.


But from time to time we have to present ourselves or our ideas to an audience – either at work to potential clients or in a personal environment such as a wedding or dinner.  We want to do this in the best possible way, but don’t always know how.


I understand concerns about public speaking: whether it’s getting nervous, stuttering and stammering or no matter how much you prepare your mind goes blank – there’s nothing I haven’t heard before and it’s for these kinds of reasons that people come to learn tips and tricks of how to improve.




I am a Communications Skills Trainer and Life Coach with over 25 years experience facilitating workshops and courses in London, Barcelona and Andalucía.  My speciality is helping people move through their fears and doubts towards confidence.


I offer weekend workshops on Communication Skills and Public Speaking.  The itinerary for the weekend is based around the basic skills of presenting: how to prepare for a talk, the introduction and opening, how to structure the content, how to close and how to deal with questions at the end. 


We look at clarifying and structuring thoughts and ideas, simplifying the message, overcoming nervousness, understanding elements of subtle body language, how to enhance your visual image and optimize your uniqueness and, finally, achieving the objective of the talk.  Starting small and building up, we do a lot of speaking practice.


If you’d like to come along but are trying to decide whether to or not, you could ask yourself the question, “What will change if I don’t do it?”  If you need or want to stand up in front of more than one person and get your message across well, then ask yourself how you’ll improve if you don’t do something like this.




The cost of the weekend is €145.  A way to reduce this is by bringing along a paying friend to do the workshop with you; you’ll get a 20% reduction on your place, it will give you more confidence to have a friend along, and it will also bring in another person to practise on and vice versa.  Workshops start at 10am and finish at 6pm both days and I supply all materials.


If you have a presentation up-and-coming but feel paralyzed even thinking about it, come along and test the waters in a safe and friendly environment.


Warm wishes






“I attended this event and found it very beneficial. I now feel confident that I can sit down and prepare my next presentation. Jean is a lovely warm, caring person and her workshop was very relaxed but professional. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has to stand up and give a speech! Thank you Jean for my new found confidence!!”


Kath Dillon, International Financial Advisor – Málaga, Spain







Price: €145 for weekend workshop.  Maximum 10 people.  Sign up a friend and get 20% discount!   Open to all nationalities but aimed at mid-to-high level English speakers.


For next dates, an application form and payment details contact: or call +34 951 245 151